How to delight in the Lord in 6 Bible Steps

How to delight in the Lord

Learning how to delight in the Lord, delighting in God, is one of the most beautiful privileges of the Christian life. In recent weeks, I have had the opportunity to meet some readers of our blog on WhatsApp. Interestingly, most of their questions are related to issues of God’s will, changes in life, romantic relationships, … Read more

Finding Your Identity In God: Ideas For Knowing Our Identity In Christ

Identidad en Cristo: 10 cosas que Dios dice de nosotros

Identity crises are situations in which we come to feel that we do not know who we are, and in which we repeatedly ask ourselves questions about the meaning of our existence. In an increasingly changing world, in which the expectations of what should be our identity are becoming more and more demanding, as believers, … Read more

How to leave the past behind: 9 Bible Tips

leave behind the past

How to leave the past behind Have you ever wondered how to leave the past behind? That moment of your life that you say, how to get out of the hole in which I feel trapped? I have been there too. That is why I can tell you that it is possible to leave the … Read more

God's Love in the Bible: Bible Study with Everything

God's love in the Bible is one of the most amazing topics the human mind can study. This time I intend to share with you a complete study on the most frequently asked questions that people ask themselves about God's love. I hope it will be a blessing for your life, contribute to your spiritual … Read more