What to do in the face of false doctrines and sin in the church

doctrinas falsas en el cristianismo

The Christian church has always faced challenges in relation to false doctrines and sins that infiltrate it. The issue can be seen throughout the New Testament and is a problem we face today as well. While it is true every Christian denomination does not have the same doctrines, and that there is a possibility of … Read more

How should I react if someone corrects me? | According to the Bible

How should I react if someone corrects me? | According to the Bible

I am well aware of the uncomfortable feeling of someone approaching you, without you requesting it, and making a correction, a suggestion, or a criticism. Sometimes we can react or take it in ways that are not appropriate. For some of us, because of our personality, handling these circumstances can be naturally difficult. I want … Read more

How does my image of God affect my relationship with Him and others?

La Relación con Dios en la Biblia: [Estudio Bíblico con Todo]

A few days ago, I received a message on WhatsApp from one of the readers of this blog looking for help. In the middle of the conversation came the topic of, how our image of God affects our relationship with him. As I study the gospels, I think one of the most revolutionary themes that … Read more