Knowing God as a loving Father: ideas on God’s fatherly love

Paternidade de Deus La paternidad de Dios en la Biblia: Estudio Bíblico Profundo

The Bible presents God as a loving father from beginning to end. This image was accentuated by Jesus, who always referred to God as our father. Still, what does it mean that God is my father? There are many stories in the Bible with which we can answer this question. The most famous is the … Read more

Forgiving Others In The Bible: Should I Forgive The One Who Hurt Me?

Cómo perdonar a quien te hizo daño según la biblia

Forgiving, they say, is not easy. At least, it hasn’t been easy for me in some circumstances of my life. If you’re here, perhaps it’s because maybe you’ve been thinking about whether you should forgive someone who hurt you. I would like to share with you some ideas on that topic, starting as always from … Read more

How To Deal With Toxic People In A Godly Way In 3 Steps

How To Deal With Toxic People In A Godly Way

One of the most interesting things that Christianity proposes to us is the radically different idea of  how to treat people who hate us or hurt us. Today, I have resolved to call this group of people, toxic people. I intend to present Bible principles on How To Deal With Toxic People In A Godly … Read more