What to do with those who create division in the church | According to the Bible

Qué hacer con los que causan divisiones en la iglesia según la biblia

From time to time, in our Christian churches, people emerge whose influence creates divisions in them. Perhaps with noble intentions, though wrong, or perhaps with selfish intentions, they hurt the church. The Bible presents advice on how to deal with divisive people in the church. I’d like to share with you a short Bible reading … Read more

How to participate in missions without being a missionary | According to the Bible

Cómo participar de las misiones sin ser misionero

The Bible presents an invitation to all believers to join in God’s redemptive work on this earth. Jesus himself gave his disciples the mission to preach the good news of salvation to the entire planet earth. Some people may be concerned about not personally fulfilling that mandate. That is, to feel the responsibility to go … Read more

What is the purpose of spiritual gifts? | According to the Bible

Cuál es el propósito de los Dones Espirituales en la Biblia

Spiritual gifts are an important part of God’s plan for his work on earth. Understanding their purpose, or what they are for, helps us better understand our personal role in God’s work. Today I would particularly like to speak to you about the purpose of spiritual gifts in the church according to the Bible. To … Read more