Soy Segundo is an online ministry dedicated to helping people draw closer to God and learn to walk with Him.

Life today is full of distractions that make us think we don’t need God.

The society in which we live has conditioned us to place ourselves at the forefront of our lives.

However, those of us who have travelled that road know that it is not the truth, and that it is not the best thing either.

Soy Segundo is Spanish for I am second, it means giving ourselves the opportunity to give God the place he deserves in our lives by accepting his love and learning to walk with him.

Soy Segundo means giving ourselves the opportunity to choose God’s will, even if it were necessary to do so above our own.

Soy Segundo means to understand that God made us different and special.

Understanding that he has a purpose for us.

Understanding that seeking God and his purposes is how I find meaning and happiness in life.

Our mission is to share those ideas with as many people as we can.

Help more people find eternal life, be free from their afflictions, satiate their inner needs, and heal their hearts by living in harmony with God.