Being Obedient To God: Bible Meaning, Importance & Benefits

being obedient to God

As Christians, Being Obedient To God is of great importance. But what does it mean to be obedient to God? Simply put, obedience to God means following His commands, living according to His will, and walking in His ways. This includes obeying the teachings of the Bible, seeking His guidance in prayer, and living a … Read more

How Long Will God Allow Me To Suffer: A Biblical Perspective

Cómo enfrentar el sufrimiento con Dios

Suffering is an undeniable part of human experience. Whether it comes in the form of physical pain, emotional turmoil, or spiritual distress, it can be a deeply challenging and overwhelming experience. As a Christian, I have found that turning to God during times of suffering has been an essential source of comfort and strength. In … Read more

What Does the Bible Say About Legalism: Understanding the Dangers of a Rules-Based Faith

Legalism vs grace

In this blog post, we will be exploring the topic of legalism in Christianity. Legalism refers to the tendency to prioritize rules and regulations above other important aspects of spiritual life. It can involve an overemphasis on outward appearances and behaviors, rather than the inward transformation that occurs through a relationship with Jesus. It is … Read more

Does God Speak To Us in Dreams? What The Bible Says

does god speak to us in dreams

The idea that God might communicate with us through dreams is one that has fascinated people for centuries. Many people have reported having dreams in which they feel they have received messages or guidance from a higher power, and throughout history there have been numerous stories of people claiming to have received divine revelations through … Read more

Signs Of An Arrogant Pastor: 5 Red Flags

man wearing blue sweater holding microphone

As Christians, we place a great deal of trust and faith in our pastors. They are the spiritual leaders of our communities, and we look to them for guidance, support, and direction. However, not all pastors are equally humble and gracious. In some cases, pastors can become arrogant, thinking more highly of themselves than they … Read more