11 Characteristics Of God’s Love In the Bible

Characteristics of God's love

As Christians, we believe that God’s love is the foundation of our faith. It is through God’s love that we are saved and given the promise of eternal life. Love is a central concept in Christianity, and understanding the nature of God’s love is essential to the foundation of our faith. The Bible describes God … Read more

Confessing Adultery To God But Not Spouse: 7 Bible Insights

Confessing Adultery To God But Not Spouse

Confessing Adultery To God But Not Spouse, might seem the easiest solution for your mistake, but is it the right thing to do? The Bible considers adultery as a grave transgression that goes against God’s law and can have serious consequences for a marriage. The commandment in Exodus 20:14 plainly states, “Thou shalt not commit … Read more

Being Obedient To God: Bible Meaning, Importance & Benefits

being obedient to God

As Christians, Being Obedient To God is of great importance. But what does it mean to be obedient to God? Simply put, obedience to God means following His commands, living according to His will, and walking in His ways. This includes obeying the teachings of the Bible, seeking His guidance in prayer, and living a … Read more