How To trust God’s Timing

Trust God's timing

How many times have we not asked ourselves if what is coming in our future is the best for us or for you, but how can we trust that everything will come at the right time? How can we leave everything in God’s hands without having any worries? Those questions are what we want to … Read more

How Does The Holy Spirit Transform Us? 3 Bible Ideas

Como conocer a Jesús en la Biblia

I once read a book called Knowing Jesus is Everything. By that time, my intimate understanding of God’s love had not developed, and I did not appreciate it as I could now. Today, I have discovered the wonder of knowing Jesus. That’s why I’d like to share with you five things that happen when we … Read more

Fear of God Meaning: What Does It Mean To Fear God?

man standing on the cliff

The fear of God is an idea that is frequently expressed throughout the Bible. This theme is always repeated as something of great importance. But what is the fear of God specifically? Today, I would like to share a fragment of a bible story to illustrate that idea. Not long after God freed the people … Read more

How To Stay Focused On Jesus — The Example Of Christ

enfocarse en Dios como focar em Deus

Great personalities have crossed this planet, and we can draw important lessons from their lives. Let’s review an episode in Jesus’ life that allows us to take lessons about staying focused on life. Today’s story begins somewhere in the Samaria desert. A few days ago, we talked about the story of Jesus and the Samaritan … Read more

God’s Love For Us in the Bible: A Complete Bible Study

god's love for us

God’s love in the Bible is one of the most amazing topics the human mind can study. This time I intend to share with you a complete study on the most frequently asked questions that people ask themselves about God’s love. I hope it will be a blessing for your life, contribute to your spiritual … Read more