How To Live A Purposeful Life With God

All human beings want to live a fullfilling life.

However, we don’t always know how to achieve it or even feel lost.

For this reason, today, there are people who are dedicated to helping and guiding others to achieve that goal.

The Bible clearly presents how a fulfilling life can be lived.

If you are interested in living it with God, I invite you to read with me this short passage from the Bible, where the idea is expressed, and then we will reflect on it:

But if anyone obeys his word, love for God is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in him:

Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.

| 1 John‬ ‭2:5-6

For the last 26 days of this month, I have read every day over and over the first book of John.

Every day I notice something different and exciting.

Today, my heart jumped with joy as I read those wonderful verses.

I thought about what it means for God’s love to manifest itself fully in my life.

Without a doubt, that is the secret of living a fulfilling life with God.

Could you imagine that situation?

To be a person in whom God’s love is fully manifested, to feel and to know oneself fully loved by God.

Love others as God wants us to love them.

It is without a doubt one of the most fascinating experiences of human life.

Today, it seems that most people think that the word of God, that is, the Bible; it is a heavy burden of obligations to carry.

This is because we do not understand its purpose.

The purpose of the Bible is to help us live a fulfilling life.

Both on this earth and in eternity.

To think that the Bible is a set of burdening rules is like saying that the advice of a father or mother serves no purpose.

That their ideas are just trying to restrict you and impose obligations on you, rather than wanting the best for you.

God’s word is a letter filled with love and counsel from a loving father.

It is the instruction manual for our life.

God wants us to live a fulfilling life in Him.

We don’t need to go through life without knowing how things work.

He who gave us life is interested in helping us live it.

God has told us about how to take care of our bodies, how best to act in our work, in our interpersonal relationships, how to manage our money, how to relate to Him, etc.

God has given us clear instructions on how life itself works.

The rules of the game are clear, the instructions are given to live eternal life from now on.

A life of fulfillment with God.

God does not want us to suffer without Him, nor to suffer the scourge and humiliation of sin.

The Lord in his infinite love gave us his word so that we might know how to live.

We just need to pay attention to what he is saying in it.

Why stumble or even ruin our lives by not reading or obeying the instruction manual with which humanity comes?

Of course, God’s love is fully perfected in those who obey His word, because it was with love that He inspired it in order that we live the best possible life.

Even many of those who say they do not believe in the divinity of Jesus accept the excellence of his teachings.

Is there a better way to live than to live as Jesus lived?

No way.

So if we already have the supreme example, why live differently?

We have the opportunity to aspire to the best possible ideal of life, developing our full potential by living as Jesus lived, by walking as he walked.

Give yourself the opportunity to hear God’s voice speaking to you through his word.

Give yourself the opportunity to learn about Jesus and try to be more like him every day.

Thus, you can live a fulfilling, eternal life and remain in Him, the source of eternal life.

What do you think? Would you like to live a full life? Share in the comments.

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