Cómo hablar con Dios según la biblia

How to Talk to God | According to the Bible

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In the Bible, there are several verses that tell us about how we can talk to God.

Some give us examples of what prayer can look like.

Like the occasion when Jesus taught his disciples to pray to the heavenly Father.

Others tell us about the attitude with which we can talk to God.

Today, I would like to share with you a short Bible text that sheds light on how we can talk to God.

I invite you to read it.

(…) Christ Jesus our Lord. In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.


Ephesians 3:11 -12

One of the nicest things that can happen to a person is learning to pray.

Learning to talk to God.

And I don’t mean learning a step-by-step conversation method.

What I mean is learning to open your heart to God in prayer.

Learn to talk to Him with an open heart.

This beautiful bible text reminds us that thanks to what Jesus did on the cross for mankind, we now have access to God through Him.

In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, they enjoyed an intimate relationship of trust with God.

They talked to Him face to face.

The moment they disobeyed God, they hid from Him in the bushes of the garden and spoke to him in fear.

Something happened after sin that separated us from that intimate relationship of communication with God.

But God didn’t want to leave that relationship broken.

He himself came to this earth to fix what we humans had spoiled, and to give us access to Him again.

Through faith in Jesus, we are justified before God.

God sees us not as ourselves, but as He sees Jesus.

When we have that faith, we can understand and accept that we don’t need to talk to God hidden in the bushes, full of shame or fear, but that we can talk to Him face to face.

When we believe that Jesus’ merits are sufficient to justify us, we can speak to God in intimate trust.

We can speak to Him freely and courageously.

Not with self-confidence, but with full trust in Jesus.

Not with fear, not with sorrow, not with insecurity, not with shame, not even with protocols and catchphrases.

We can talk to Him as our loving father who is interested in giving us the best.

Based on my experience, I would venture to say that we can even find our own way which fit our personality.

We can pray with our eyes open, with our eyes closed.

We can pray on our knees, sitting or standing.

We can talk to Him as we walk through nature, as we see the stars one night, or as we go in the car to work.

We can talk to Him by voice memos or messages on WhatsApp, send him emails, write him letters.

We can write our prayers, we can sing our prayers.

We can find the means and the way in which it will be easier for us to speak to Him freely and confidently.

When that happens in your life, nothing will ever be the same.

I hope these words have been a blessing to your life.

And what do you think? How do you talk to God? Share in the comments.

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How to Talk to God | According to the Bible

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