Prayer For Depression: 3 Prayers To Overcome Depression

There are many situations in our lives that lead us to live in states of depression, anguish and desolation, therefore we must raise prayers to overcome depression.

It’s those processes where negative emotions control us, that if we can’t get up, we can end up being dominated by depression.

We can go through a depressive cycle when our soul does not find comfort and when we begin to experience difficulties; be it emotional, financial or physical. When our spirit is down, things are not going well and the only way to get out of this state is to start praying.

Here I will give you some samples of how you can repeat prayers to overcome depression and find God’s peace.

In the middle of this guide, I will show you three powerful prayers to overcome depression, which you can repeat, or simply let the Holy Spirit guide you to achieve freedom and the fullness of the Lord in our soul.

Prayer to God in the midst of anguish

There is nothing human that allows you to get out of a process of anguish other than through prayers to overcome depression; other than a direct connection with the Lord. In the midst of any process, do not forget that your creator can bring comfort to your life.

My beloved Lord, I approach you because I can’t stand the pain that breaks my bones, that makes me live in frustration, that prevents me from seeing happiness.

I have lived stormy nights where darkness takes over my soul, where emotions do not allow me to see or experience that something else exists.

This cycle of depression has marked me, leading me to live in darkness, in pain, in despair, with an afflicted soul.

That’s why I approach you, because I don’t want to live like this anymore, I don’t want to cling to pain. You are my consoling father, so in this time where pain has wanted to dominate my life, I only ask you to be you, bringing respite and liberation to my soul.

I do not want to live in pain or despair, I want you to help me heal my soul, I want to be free from the anguish that dominates me, I want to live in freedom and not be a slave to this prison called depression.

Prayer of confidence in the midst of pain

In the middle of the process, we must for a moment ask the Lord to be the one freeing us from anguish, pain, anger, depression. You can guide yourself through this prayer and accept trust in God in the midst of your pain.

My beloved God, your word says in Psalm 23 that “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff will comfort me.”

The situation I am experiencing has become for me a shadow of death, it has been a desert that I have had to live, and I did not expect it.

This has undoubtedly broken my soul, it has brought anguish to my heart, it has caused pain to take hold of me. But today I remembered this psalm, and it is what I bring to my life today; No matter what I’m going through, I know you’re with me, I know you won’t leave me.

Many times pain has wanted to make me see that I am alone, that I have nothing around me, but it is not like that my God, you are with me, you protect me, you lead me along miraculous paths.

Lord, there may be things I don’t understand, my soul may be afflicted, but nothing will make me doubt your grace and your love, nothing will make me doubt that you are God, and you deserve all glory and all honor.

I trust in you my God, I know that you will heal my heart, I know that the pain will go away, I know that depression will have no more power in my life, because I faithfully believe in the power of your presence.

Deliver these prayers to beat depression and be free.

Prayer to God to be free from pain

Sometimes, pain seeks to take over our lives, it seeks to dominate us and afflict us with tormenting memories that generate anxiety, panic and dismay. Today I want to guide you in a prayer for you to be free from pain.

My beloved Lord my God, thank you for this day and for the privilege you have given me to follow you. Once again, I stand before you believing that you are my greatest helper, you are my faithful adviser.

I come before you with a special request and that is that I wish to be free with all my heart. I want the pain to go away from my life, that depression no longer dominate my soul.

Today I declare with faith, with certainty, that my life no longer surrenders to the chains of pain, my life stops being cyclical and I begin to experience your goodness and your peace.

I ask you Lord, with all my heart, that it be your healing presence that removes from my life, all the painful feelings of the past, that the yoke of despair leaves me.

I want to live focused on you, on your power, on your blessing, on your deity. I want to be a new creature.

My soul and my heart yearn for you, I wish to be satisfied with your peace, so that depression no longer has dominion over my life.

Today my vision changes, the scales of my eyes fall to the ground, today I cling to live in the eternal purpose, and in the midst of every circumstance, I declare that I am more than a conqueror, through your beloved son, Christ Jesus.

Give me today the gift of joy, always give me reasons to keep moving forward, always show me the path I should follow and don’t walk away from me.


A psalm to get out of pain and depression

Never condemn yourself if you have gone through a moment of pain or depression, remember that great men of faith also lived through it. Our attitude, in the midst of any process, will always be to learn to trust God, to keep ourselves safe in the midst of his presence.

Why are you cast down, oh my soul, and why are you troubled within me? Wait on God; because I still have to praise him, my Salvation and my God.

Psalm 42

As a psalm that can be medicine for our soul, there is Psalm 42; that urges us to hope in God in the midst of anguish, understanding that he is our savior.

Never forget to raise prayers to God to overcome depression, it is the only way to achieve peace and the sovereignty of the father.

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