Waiting On God’s Timing: How To Wait On The Lord For His Promise

¿El fin justifica los medios según la biblia?

Today, I would like to share a bible perspective on the famous phrase: ‘the end justifies the means’. This expression is generally attributed to the sixteenth-century Italian philosopher, Niccolò Machiavelli. Although apparently, it was actually conceived by Napoleon Bonaparte, who wrote it by hand on the last page of his copy of the book “The … Read more

19 Bible Verses Against Drinking Alcohol

Bible Verses Against Drinking Alcohol

This Bible Verses Against Drinking Alcohol shed light on the debate different Christians from different denominations have regarding the consumption of alcohol in the Bible. I encourage you to consider each one of them carefully. 1 |  Noah got drunk and brought dishonor on himself and death to his family. Noah dedicated himself to cultivating … Read more