7 Things That Keep Me From Holiness – From the Bible

Vivir una vida santa: 7 cosas a abandonar para lograrlo según la biblia

Living a holy life seems to be an impossible task, especially when defined by the standards that have historically been set. However, the Bible presents an idea of holiness that differs from these ideals. The idea of holiness in the Bible is not about living a monastic life, but about living covered under the righteousness … Read more

Fear of God Meaning: What Does It Mean To Fear God?

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The fear of God is an idea that is frequently expressed throughout the Bible. This theme is always repeated as something of great importance. But what is the fear of God specifically? Today, I would like to share a fragment of a bible story to illustrate that idea. Not long after God freed the people … Read more

Spiritual Correction: What The Bible Says About Accepting Correction

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I am well aware of the uncomfortable feeling of someone approaching you, without you requesting it, and making a correction, a suggestion, or a criticism. Sometimes we can react or take it in ways that are not appropriate. For some of us, because of our personality, handling these circumstances can be naturally difficult. I want … Read more

What Is A Lukewarm Christian? And How To Stop Being One

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Not infrequently, several believers end up entering a state of spiritual lukewarmness after a while. The reasons why this happens are diverse, and we can discuss them in a future publication. In this one, we are interested in answering the question of how to overcome spiritual lukewarmness? For this, I want us to start from … Read more

Holiness In The Bible: Tips On Living a Holy Life And Biblical Holiness

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In the secular society in which we live today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to live in holiness. Multiple distractions and several temptations hinder this important process of developing a Christian character. The question then arises: how to live in holiness in our times, from a biblical perspective? In life there is a … Read more

Bible Benefits Of Freedom In Christ After Jesus Sets You Free

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Human beings today enjoy civil liberties and more possibilities than at any time in history. But are we really being free? if not, how do you live being truly free? Ironically, it seems that the more freedom we are entrusted with, the more we voluntarily become slaves. Let me share with you why I think … Read more