How Does The Holy Spirit Transform Us? 3 Bible Ideas

Como conocer a Jesús en la Biblia

I once read a book called Knowing Jesus is Everything. By that time, my intimate understanding of God’s love had not developed, and I did not appreciate it as I could now. Today, I have discovered the wonder of knowing Jesus. That’s why I’d like to share with you five things that happen when we … Read more

7 Things That Keep Me From Holiness – From the Bible

Vivir una vida santa: 7 cosas a abandonar para lograrlo según la biblia

Living a holy life seems to be an impossible task, especially when defined by the standards that have historically been set. However, the Bible presents an idea of holiness that differs from these ideals. The idea of holiness in the Bible is not about living a monastic life, but about living covered under the righteousness … Read more

Holiness In The Bible: Tips On Living a Holy Life And Biblical Holiness

como viver em santidade

In the secular society in which we live today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to live in holiness. Multiple distractions and several temptations hinder this important process of developing a Christian character. The question then arises: how to live in holiness in our times, from a biblical perspective? In life there is a … Read more

Waiting On God’s Timing: How To Wait On The Lord For His Promise

¿El fin justifica los medios según la biblia?

Today, I would like to share a bible perspective on the famous phrase: ‘the end justifies the means’. This expression is generally attributed to the sixteenth-century Italian philosopher, Niccolò Machiavelli. Although apparently, it was actually conceived by Napoleon Bonaparte, who wrote it by hand on the last page of his copy of the book “The … Read more

How to leave the past behind: 9 Bible Tips

Dejar el pasado atrás - leave behind the past

How to leave the past behind Have you ever wondered how to leave the past behind? That moment of your life that you say, how to get out of the hole in which I feel trapped? I have been there too. That is why I can tell you that it is possible to leave the … Read more