4 Beautiful New Year Prayers

Receiving a new year goes beyond giving a hug or celebrating; Delivering everything that comes to God is a wonderful beginning, so here I will show you how you can make a prayer to receive a new year, depending on your plans and projects.

If you decide to spend the last night of this year sharing with your family and enjoying it to the fullest, don’t forget to entrust your new plans and projects to the creator of the universe.

Always remember to thank God for everything you have experienced, what he has taught you and the wonderful moments that the Father has allowed you to experience.

Take this new time to pray and connect with God, and receive a new year the Glory and Blessing.

Prayer to receive a new year placing the plans in God

When one year ends and another begins, we enjoy what we have experienced and at the same time, they begin a list of plans and projects that we have for the coming year. Don’t forget to leave any of those goals in God’s hands.

Here I show you a prayer that can help you connect with God, and place your new projects in the hands of the creator.

Dear Lord, thank you for this wonderful year. With his blessings and processes, we have been able to experience your supernatural grace.

I am happy to finish another year on my feet, ready and prepared for what is to come and for the wonderful things that you bring to my life. I feel blessed to see how your blessings have not left my side.

Today, before the end of this year, I just come to place all the plans, projects and goals that I have in the midst of your presence. You are a faithful and true God, you hear my cry, that’s why I stand before you.

I don’t want to walk under my own reason, I don’t want to build through my emotions; I want it to be you guiding every step I take. Today I place every goal, every plan and every dream I have in your hands.

Declare this prayer with faith, so that it is God guiding each of your steps and your life is dimensioned in the following year.

Prayer to God to say goodbye to a year that has passed

When the year is over, we must thank God for everything we have experienced. So don’t stop saying a prayer of thanks to say goodbye to a year.

Here I show you a guide prayer that can help you, you just need to connect with God and repeat it with faith.

Dear God, today, the last day of the year, I come to thank you for all the wonderful things that I experienced this year. Without a doubt, it was a beautiful year where your wonderful protective hand and your hand protected us.

I am grateful for every moment that I lived, the difficult processes taught me to build and maintain my faith even more. And the kindnesses bestowed on my family and my home led me to understand the immense love you have for me.

Thank you my God for this year, despite any circumstance I was able to see and understand your faithfulness. Your grace accompanied me every day of my life and your goodness covered me forever.

It was a wonderful year, for that I thank you; because you have been my helper, my protector, my guide and my faithful companion.

This prayer is perfect to say goodbye to the year and thank you for everything you have experienced. It serves as a guide to connect with God.

Prayer to receive a new year with God’s blessing

You can take advantage of the moment with your family and say a prayer to receive a new year of more family unity and ask it to be the one covering your home.

Dear Lord my God, we are grateful for this year that has already ended. We know that every moment we lived was thanks to you and your wonderful presence that always kept us on our feet.

I am grateful because you have saved my family, because you have covered us with your love, because you have protected us and delivered us from all evil.

I ask that this coming year be splendid, that we walk under the power of unity, understanding that your favor accompanies us day after day.

We place all our dreams, plans and projects in your hands. In the name of your beloved son Jesus, we declare that your supernatural power surrounds us, guides us and shows us the way to go.

We declare that this new year will be a magnificent year, full of blessings, goodness and wonders that can only come from you, my beloved God.

Thank you for the family you have given me, thank you for this home. Your love is infinite, and your blessings are forever.

I keep the expectation of faith, because I know that this new year will be wonderful, I live believing that a new time is coming, and our family will be dimensioned, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

This prayer for a new year can work as a guide to get closer to God and place all your future plans in the hands of the creator.

Prayer to receive the new year with family

My beloved Lord, today I thank you for the year you have given us.

I stand before you, with all my family, honoring you for the goodness and wonders that you have given us.

You have been faithful to us, you have blessed us, protected us and your grace has reached us.

We love you Lord, because your goodness, your mercy and your grace have accompanied us this year.

Today I place before you all my family, we declare that this new year we will stick together, loving each other, always ready to do good.

Bless us Lord, keep us from all evil. Fill us this year with love, wisdom and understanding, to fulfill your plans.

May your will be done in our lives, may every spirit of division leave our house and may we always walk under your power and grace.

We declare this new year to be full of grace, wisdom and understanding. May we be prosperous in all things, so that we can continue to move towards your plans.

With these powerful prayers you will be able to reach the wisdom and grace of God, you will be able to reach the peace of God in the following year and you will live according to his heart.

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