5 Prayers For Financial Breakthrough

Whether you are going through a financial crisis, or you need God to improve your finances, here I will show you three prayers for finances that you can follow, so that the Lord covers your assets and your entire economy.

If you are looking for an economic miracle, or you want God’s provision to be unleashed in your home, these prayers can be an instrument to achieve it.

The best Prayers For Financial Breakthrough

With these simple prayers for finances you will be able to approach God to ask him to heal the economy of your home and give you provision.

Prayer to God for economic provision

This prayer can be an excellent guide to get closer to God and ask him to be him bringing financial provision to your life.

My beloved God, today I stand before you, believing that you are the God, owner of gold and silver.

In my heart is the burning desire to always fulfill your will, so I ask you to guide my steps, to guide my path. May you cover me with your precious grace and may it be you directing my whole life.

I stand before you to ask you to be you bringing the longed for provision; that you be prospering my house and my walk.

Father, you supply all my needs; That’s why I ask you to supernaturally bring provision to my house.

My beloved Lord, from you come all the riches of the universe and of the earth; only you can give us an abundant life in all areas. Today I declare that in a supernatural way, your blessing covers my life.

Always lead me on the path of prosperity, always lead me to achieve the success that only comes from you. Keep giving me strength to continue with the plans and projects that I have started and may your provision never depart from me.

Prayer to activate the financial blessing in my home

If you notice that there is a lot of scarcity in your home, or that you are not financially as you would like, then you can say a prayer to activate the financial blessing in your home. I leave you a guide so you can do it.

My beloved Lord, today is a good day to adore, thank and honor you as you deserve.

You are the owner of the universe, the provider and protector of my house and my family. I fully trust that you guide my steps and my path.

I stand before you to ask you to be you activating the financial blessing in my home; There are times when I feel that the devourer is coming to attack my finances, but I remember that you have defeated them.

I declare, in the power of your beloved son Jesus, that my house is protected by your mantle; and that there is no evil of darkness that can destabilize my home financially.

Dear God, open the doors of blessing on my house, on my home, on my family. May your infinite power be in the midst of our economy.

May abundance and prosperity always be in my life and may the power of your blessing flourish on us.

I declare that the scarcity, the crisis, the lack of provision leave my house, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer for a financial miracle

There are times when we have to intercede and ask God for a financial miracle; so that it is he bringing the unlocking and economic breakdown.

Lord my God, today I place my finances before your feet; I ask you to be you opening the doors to receive a financial miracle on my life.

I have kept myself, I have served you and I have risen in faith; That’s why I ask you with all my heart to be you bringing an economic break to my home.

I do not want to live more limited, do not allow the devourer to take away what you have given me; I ask with all my heart that your holy spirit guides me and leads me on the right path.

May this be a time of economic unlocking, of breaking, of receiving a great miracle from you. May the gates of heaven open supernaturally, to receive an unlimited harvest.

Prayer for healthy finances

Dear Lord Jesus, on many occasions I have lived tormented by financial crises.

I am disturbed by not being able to achieve some projects, because the economy has not finished flourishing.

You have given me finances, but I have not known how to handle them correctly, that is why I always end up in debt and with economic problems within my home.

That is why I approach you, I ask you with all my heart that you allow me to live in a supernatural way in the financial area.

Give me the ability to have healthy finances, give me the ability for my economy to be healthy and the spirit of the devourer no longer manifest in my finances.

You are a God provider, you are the owner of gold and silver, you are the one who can give me the harvest of an honest sowing.

My beloved God, you fill my life with wisdom, reasoning to be able to act effectively against my finances. Lord, today I place all my burdens before you, because I know that you will help me out of any financial crisis.

Prayer to get out of a financial crisis

My beloved Lord, thank you for the life you have given me.

I stand before you, recognizing you as the only true Lord.

My life and my finances belong to you.

Today I appear before you because I feel financially drowned; the money that comes in quickly goes away and I don’t understand why I can’t keep my balance.

I declare in the name of Jesus that you bless my finances, that there is no evil that touches my economy.

In the mighty name of Jesus, I declare that I am out of this financial crisis, because I have always been obedient to your promises and covenants.

I dedicate myself to honoring you with who I am and what I do, which is why I ask you to free me from all economic burdens and all anxiety that this crisis has generated in me.

Thank you, dear Lord, because I know that you will answer me, because you are faithful and merciful.

As you will see, this book with daily prayers can be a guide to find freedom from scarcity, or any financial problem.


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