Prayer Against Evil: 3 Powerful Prayers For Protection

Evil does exist, and we cannot underestimate that on many occasions there are incorrect spirits that seek to attack our homes and our lives; for this, occasionally we should say a prayer against evil in any area.

That is why the Bible says:

Be sober, and watch; because your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

| 1 Peter 5

Here he will give you some prayer guides to ward off evil from your home, your relationships, your businesses, and your children. Always remember to raise a genuine cry to God, with all your heart, so that your requests are answered.

These prayers are perfect to ward off evil from your home and your life, to accept God’s guidance and protection.

Prayer to ward off evil from my house

Cover your home every day with the powerful blood of Christ, so that no evil touches your dwelling and your house is the habitation of the Holy Spirit.

My beloved God, the only, powerful and omnipotent.

The creator of the heavens, the earth and the universe. You are the most powerful in this world.

Lord, today I stand before you, declaring in the name of your beloved son Jesus, that no host of evil has power over my house.

Today I declare with faith that the darkness that seeks to operate under the curse of division has no dominion over my home.

My house is the abode of the holy spirit, so I give an order to the darkness that seeks to create chaos in my home, to leave my house in the mighty name of Jesus.

My home is a home of peace, of blessing, of love, that is why I declare that neither conflicts, nor fights, nor division operate in my home; in my house reigns the power of the holy spirit.

Lord, I ask you to be you protecting my house, that it be your sacred mantle creating a protection over my home, so that evil does not disturb, but moves away in the name of Jesus.

Today I wake up with power, understanding who I am in Christ Jesus, and I do not allow the darkness to want to devour my home.

Everything wrong that wants to operate to destroy and kill, leave our house, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer against evil from my children

Every day that you are ready to start with the routine, place the protection of your children in God’s hand, so that no evil can reach them. With this prayer, I give a sample of how you can do it.

Dear and loving God, today I come before your presence with a special request.

I ask you for my children, to be you guiding them and protecting them from all evil.

Today I declare that since they are ready to go out to do their daily activities, there is a fence of angels that cover them, guide them and lead them along the paths of good.

There is no evil that touches its abode; I declare that the presence of the eternal accompanies you and keeps you away from all evil.

They will be covered by the blood of Christ, and nothing will make them leave his presence.

I give an order to the darkness that seeks to undo, and that is to go back in the name of Jesus, they have no power over my children, nor my family, so I declare that all evil orchestrated by hosts of evil, is collapsed by the powerful blood of Jesus.

Prayer to ward off evil from my work

Sometimes, work environments are difficult to cope with, since they increase feelings of envy, rage, conflicts, and many other ills that make the environment heavy.

My dear and beloved heavenly father, how wonderful it is to honor you, seek you and find you.

Spending time in your presence leads me to find a peace that passes all human understanding.

Beloved Lord, today I come before you to ask you to be your holy spirit in the midst of my work.

Every evil principle, feeling of envy, rage, leave my workplace, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Every conflict today falls to the ground, I declare that your presence moves in this place and your infinite power drives away all evil that seeks to divide and create environments of chaos.

Prayers to ward off evil from my business

Get ready to make a prayer of cleaning and protection of your business, so that no negative power operates in the midst of it.

Make this prayer once you have arrived at your business and declare with faith that the presence of God dwells in the midst of that place. Here is a guide so you can get inspired.

In this prayer, my beloved God, I want to present myself before you to ask you for my business. Lord, I ask you to be you covering my business and that there is no evil that wants to touch my abode.

I ask you to be your mantle of protection caring for and watching over my assets and that evil away from my business. May the envy of those who see me prosper, have no effect on my life.

Today all evil that wants to come to my business, leaves in the powerful name of Jesus. I declare that this is a place where the presence of God dwells, where the holy spirit rests; so there is no room for evil to operate.

Lord, don’t let the devourer touch my finances and my business. I declare with confidence and faith that I walk in your presence, that it is you who guides me and leads me along the paths of truth.

My business is prosperous because you are the helm of our lives, and as long as you are in command, there will be no evil that has power to operate. I so declare, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

It is essential to make prayers to ward off evil from our home and allow God’s presence to permeate every place, so that darkness has no power in our lives.

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