Prayer For My Marriage: 3 Marriage Prayers You Need Today

If you are wondering “how should I say a prayer for my marriage?”, we have you covered. We wrote several prayers as a guide for you so that you can learn a say them yourself.

Raising prayers for your marriage is an essential task, which you must do at all times, whether you need God’s guidance in your home.

Strengthening the marriage through prayer is essential, especially when we go through some difficulty.

Placing our relationship in the hands of God is vital, to ensure that everything goes well and walks under the will of the Father.

With these prayers for your marriage, you will have a guide that will allow you to reach the grace of God for your relationship and your life, she is simply a guide.

The Holy Spirit will place more words in the midst of your communion.

Prayer to strengthen the marriage relationship

My beloved God, thank you for the joy you have given me to be able to approach your presence through prayer.

Today I come before you to present my marriage, so that it may be you strengthening our bonds of love and in the midst of this relationship, may the base be you.

Father, in this sacred relationship I only ask that it be you guiding our steps, that it be you strengthening our union. Day after day our strength tends to run out, routine often drives love away.

That is why that is my cry today towards you, so that it is you showing me the paths to follow; May it be you directing and guiding our destiny.

Lord, give us wisdom and peace, to continue walking towards the purpose you have destined for our lives. Illuminate our lives and the path we must follow, to continue strengthening our relationship.

Beloved God, strengthen our life, strengthen our relationship, that there is nothing that can make us faint in love. So I declare it, in the name of your beloved son Jesus, Amen!

Prayer to restore a marriage relationship

My loving God, I know that I have made many mistakes, and now I am living the consequences in my marriage.

However, I know that you forgive and that you are a God of restoration, that is why I come before you; to be you bringing freedom and restitution in my marriage.

My lord, for moving away from you is that we have fallen into this separation that has caused pain, but today I come to you to guide me and teach me the path I must follow to achieve your peace and save this relationship.

I know that with my own strength I will not be able to, that’s why I ask you to place your holy spirit on me, so that it may guide me to all truth and lead me to act under your blessing.

Make your peace, your love, your forgiveness and your kindness rain down on me. I want to save my marriage, but I won’t be able to if you don’t guide my life.

I’ll do my best to find restoration, but I won’t be able to if you’re not on my side. So don’t abandon me and don’t part with me.

Prayer to avoid fights in my marriage

If your marriage relationship is disturbed by conflicts and lawsuits, you should pray for your marriage, in order to achieve peace and that the Lord is working in your life.

Beloved heavenly father, today I stand before you recognizing you as my only true savior.

As the sole creator, I cannot turn to anyone other than you, believing that you are the only one who can bring restoration, comfort, and love into our lives.

In the last weeks, the conflicts in my house have increased and I know that this is not coming from you; That is why today I approach your presence, so that it is the power of your love that floods my relationship and the enemy has no power over my marriage.

Dear Lord, today I declare that the fights and conflicts are gone from my relationship. I ask you to be you guiding me in the actions I must have.

Father, help me control my impulses and my words, do not allow curses to come out of my mouth against my partner; help us to find harmony, peace and your blessing on our home.

May your peace, your sovereignty, your happiness flourish in my marriage, and may we move forward with love and tenderness as when we began our relationship.

Why should we pray for your marriage to God?

Before understanding marriage as a legal union, we must understand that this pact is also spiritual and because it is a principle created by God, the enemy will always seek to create division so that couples renounce fidelity and love.

In any circumstance, it will always be beneficial to place God in our relationships, letting him be the foundation of our relationship, in order to understand his love and walk under the premises of respect, trust and honesty.

There is not a day when you should not surrender your relationship to God, only he will supply your needs and that of your spouse.

You must ask the Lord that in the face of any crisis, sincere love prevails, because it is this feeling that can give you the necessary strength to maintain a relationship, despite the fact that the winds are against you.

And every time you feel like you’ve lost your love, remember what the bible says:

Love is long-suffering, it is benign; love is not envious, love is not boastful, it is not puffed up; he does not do anything improper, he does not seek his own, he does not get irritated, he does not hold a grudge; one does not rejoice in injustice, but one rejoices more in the truth.

Love suffers everything, believes everything, expects everything, supports everything.

| 1 Corinthians 13

True love does not hold a grudge, it is capable of forgiving. When love is true, it is the one that comes from God, you will understand that they will go through thousands of circumstances, but you will be able to bear it and wait because it is the love that comes from God.

Sometimes we feel that this love ends, but do not forget that the only way to persevere in it is by placing God first; That’s why you shouldn’t get tired of praying for your marriage.

It is always important to strengthen our married life, it can be through prayer, or through texts or literature that build our soul.

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