Prayer for a Miracle: 5 Prayers for Every Type of Miracle

Today we will share some prayers that you can use when you find yourself in difficulty or at a dead end.

Also for when you have a test that requires an imminent miracle, today we will share ideas of prayer for a miracle.

Prayer for Health Miracle

In this prayer is in case a family member, friend or yourself are going through a health problem, I hope it will be of great blessing to you:

Dear Father, I stand in your presence at this moment, with much concern and fear.

Lord, I am your son, you created me, you know me more than anyone else.

Father, right now I am going through a trial that is defeating me, that is winning me.

Lord, my health is failing, my body is not right, but I ask You, Heavenly Father, to perform a miracle in my life, in my body, and in my mind.

That you heal me or that you give me the steps to follow to find healing and to be able to continue serving you, please I beg you.

All this I ask of you in the name of Christ Jesus.


Prayer for the health of a family member

Now I will give you an example for a prayer for a family member who is facing health problems and needs a prayer for a miracle.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, today my uncle and I are here, because health difficulties came to his life and to our families.

He is your son and right now we are praying for a miracle in his health, he loves you, he trusts in your power.

He is already doing his part, but without your help nothing is possible, place your healing hand on my uncle and restore his health, we ask you in the name of Christ Jesus.


Prayer for a Friend's Health

We now find ourselves in a dilemma about the health of a friend very close to you and your family, and in his time of distress you invite him to pray.

This would be the example of a prayer for a miracle from our friend.

Our Father, who art in heaven, we stand before your presence, my great friend and I, you know the value he has for me.

You know all the moments we have gone through, and you know that he is a good person, with a noble heart and ready to serve.

Father, today you have a difficulty, perhaps one of the greatest you may have, today your health is at risk, today diseases began to attack your life.

We are afraid and worried, because these difficulties for human hands may be difficult to carry, but for you nothing is difficult or impossible.

We pray this prayer for a miracle in your life, in your health and in your body.

Let your healing hand begin to work in him, because we are sure that if you are directing he will get out of this problem.

We ask this in Jesus' name.


Prayer for an Economic Miracle

Surely at some point in your life you have needed an economic miracle, due to circumstances of little work or perhaps because you had to make an investment that was not within budget.

Perhaps now you find yourself in difficulty and need help from your Father, this would be the example of a prayer for this difficulty.

Lord Jesus, here I stand before you, with millions of errors, but trusting that your mercy is with me.

Lord I am faced with a difficulty that I did not think would come, I have just presented a problem where I need to give money that I do not have right now.

It is something that went out of my monthly accounts and that I have no money for that problem, I ask you in this prayer for a miracle in this problem.

I ask you to give me a solution, a job, a donor or another way to solve this problem, please.

I ask you in the name of Christ Jesus.


Prayer for a miracle in trouble of immediate danger

When you are in moments of danger, where your options to give a solution to that moment are few, where your life is in danger, the most important and primordial thing is to ask for divine security.

It is the perfect time for a miracle in your life, for the power of God to manifest in you, and now is the time for a prayer, we will talk to our father, this would be the example.

Father, I need that in this moment of your help, I am in a difficulty where my life is at risk, and I ask you to work a miracle at this time.

Please allow me to leave with good, that this difficult situation remains only as a bad memory.

You know me, I am your son, and I know that at this moment you are going to take care of me and I will get out of this difficulty, I ask you in the name of Jesus.


This sentence, for a miracle of danger, is usually short and to the point, since you are in a moment where decisions are quick.

Even so, it is always important to seek God's protection.


The prayers of miracles, is a sign of faith and love for God, ask your father with faith that surely he will answer you and help you.

Today we wanted to share some examples so when you find yourself in different difficulties you have an idea.

Pray and leave everything in God's hands.

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