Prayer for Forgiveness: How to do it + Examples

Forgiveness is something many of us want to obtain and something many seek.

We know that in our lives, making mistakes is very common, we even get to do it naturally, here is to always ask forgiveness for all the mistakes we make.

Our heavenly Father is always willing to hear a prayer for forgiveness from us.

What is forgiveness in the Bible

Forgiveness is an action that is born of our being, speaking in the earthly realm, we will be human feel the need to ask for forgiveness when we do something that in our mind does not generate a sense of guilt.

But forgiveness can not be forced to give, how many times we have not heard people say I forgive you, but every time a difficulty is generated they bring out your mistake made and according to them forgiven to light.

Forgiveness has to be a personal and heartfelt decision. Just as God does with you and me, God's word tells us the following.

What God is there like you who forgives wickedness and forgets the sin of the remnant of his inheritance?

He has not kept his anger forever because he takes pleasure in mercy.

He will sympathize with us again. He will trample on our iniquities and cast our sins into the depths of the sea.

Micah 7:18-19

This is the example of a forgiveness of heart and different, God left us the example that forgiveness must be given and forget what has been committed.

But it is true that as human beings our nature leads us to forgive, but never forget and that is not the right thing to do.

How We Can Ask God for Forgiveness

It is here that we will use the powerful prayer for forgiveness. The first thing we must be clear about to obtain forgiveness of our sins or mistakes is that it must be a repentance of heart and real, both for God and for any human being.

The second step is to prayerfully seek our heavenly Father, he is the only one who can help us find forgiveness and peace.

That is why today I will give you an example of how to make a prayer for sincere and heard forgiveness. The Bible leaves us the tool that we are going to use as the perfect tool to find peace, so says the Bible.

If my people, who bear my name, humble themselves and pray, and seek me out and forsake their misconduct, I will hear them from heaven, forgive their sin, and restore their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Prayer, for forgiveness, will not only give you peace and tranquility, but our God in His love and mercy will give us a restoration of our land.

God is talking about the earth that will restore your life, your family, your job, your friends and your dreams, having a prayer for forgiveness of sin gives you the opportunity to restore all that and much more.

How to Pray for Forgiveness

Find a lonely place, where you feel comfortable to open your heart.

Remember that you are going to tell your greatest secrets and mistakes, that is why it is best to keep this prayer private with God.

When you have the chosen place, sit down, this way you will feel more confident and you will not get tired as quickly, as you can get to spend on your knees.

And finally talk to your friend, then I will leave you an example of what a prayer for forgiveness would be like.

Dear Father, I stand before your presence, with so much sorrow and guilt.

Because I am not worthy to stand before you, my mistakes and fears have led me to make so many mistakes that I feel so sorry.

But I know that you are a God of love who listens to those who are repentant in heart as I am now.

Lord, I have sinned, and as a result of my wrongdoings and decisions my life is falling off a cliff, I ask you from my heart to forgive all my mistakes.

Listen to my cry and forgive my mistakes, I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ.



The prayer for forgiveness should be one of the most important we should have in our lives, repent from the heart and always seek the blessing of our heavenly father, it should be our goal day by day.

I can not leave without first leaving a very interesting book about the way our God forgives us, the title of this book is The book of forgiveness of God-Jose Luis Molina Millán.

And last but not least, we leave you this writing on our side where you can learn how to forgive the one who hurt you according to the Bible.

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