Prayer Of Repentance: 3 Prayers That Will Shake Your Heart

It is always a good time to say a prayer of repentance before God, in this way you will be able to see how your heart begins to change, and you are filled with the love of the Father.

We all must make a change of direction in our lives and this is through repentance.

Our carnal nature leads us to sin and turn away from God, but through the name of Jesus Christ we can approach the Father through a repentant heart.

Repentance is drawing closer to God and allowing the Lord to make a change in our mind and heart, to turn away from sin, from our bad deeds, and to make real changes in our lives.

Prayer Of repentance toward God

The first action of repentance that we must have is toward God.

On many occasions our actions cause us to be separated from his love and his grace, therefore, we must recognize our failures and among the prayers for repentance that we must make, the first is towards God.

You can guide yourself through this prayer:

Beloved Lord my God, today I give myself to you recognizing you as my only true savior. I start my day in the best possible way, praying to the living God who helps me, directs me and guides me.

My beloved Father, today I come before you acknowledging that I have been a sinful person, that I have strayed from your steps, that I have done many things my way and it is not right.

My God, today I repent with all my heart, because I have failed you, because my heart has been away from you.

Forgive me my God for my sins, because my life has been walking through a valley of darkness, because I have forgotten your principles and your love. Lord make me a new person, I only ask you to restore me.

Save me, cleanse me of all my evil, give me a new heart, make me new; because I don’t want to live in this captivity anymore, I want to be guided by you, every day of my life.

This prayer is only a guide that you can perform, but the Holy Spirit will also guide you in the prayer that you must perform.

Prayer to ask for forgiveness for our sins

Asking for forgiveness for our sins is a daily gesture that we must have towards God, we are not perfect and the Father always looks for genuine hearts willing to surrender without any difficulty; that is why between the prayers for repentance, we cannot forget to recognize our sins.

This prayer will serve as a guide to approach God and ask for forgiveness for the sins you have committed.

Dear God, thank you for this day that you have given me.

Your love has been merciful, your grace is infinite.

Today I appear before you to ask forgiveness for my sins, you know that my nature is carnal and many times I cannot control my emotions, which has led me to do things that distance me from you.

Father, allow me to get closer to you, cover me with your mercy, despite my mistakes you know that my search is sincere, it is real, it is genuine.

Therefore, do not separate me from your grace and your favor.

Cleanse my heart from iniquities, cleanse my life from the sin that often stalks me.

Do not allow me to separate from you, do not allow my heart to faint.

Today I declare that I am transferred from the kingdom of darkness, to the kingdom of light.

It is a simple prayer that can lead you to get closer to God and be able to find the divided redemption of the Father.

Prayer to give the heart to Jesus

Repentance begins when we give our hearts to Jesus.

Even the only way to get closer to God is when we recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, so we should always make a prayer to give our hearts to Jesus.

This guiding prayer will help you:

Lord Jesus, today I stand before you, acknowledging that I am not perfect.

I know that I am human and I have failed, that is why I come before you.

I want you to help me, cleanse my sins, remove all evil from me.

I give you my heart, I ask you to write my name in the book of life.

I ask your forgiveness for my sins, so that it may be you guiding my steps and bringing salvation to my heart.

You can make this simple prayer to give your heart to God, and thus achieve the salvation of the Lord on your life.

Why should we turn from Sin and accept God’s forgiveness?

The Bible says:

So, repent and convert, so that your sins may be blotted out; so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.

| Acts 3:19

Repentance is an action that we must do from the heart, if we really want to enjoy the goodness of God.

We cannot approach the Father when we keep in our hearts sin, bad ways of living, bad thoughts.

We must give our hearts to Jesus Christ, he is the only one who has the power to forgive our sins.

No matter how difficult or complicated he may make it, we all need to change our way of thinking and living.

Given all this, we must

Remember that repentance is a personal experience with Jesus Christ.

It may take time, but it is a process where we will understand that it makes no sense to walk with a bad way of life, but to understand that Jesus makes us a new person.

As the bible says:

So if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things passed away; behold, they are all made new.

| 2 Corinthians 5: “17

The prayers for repentance that we make with a genuine and pure heart, will reach the throne of the Father and cause us to be redeemed by his love and his grace.

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