3 Prayers For Confidence In God

Faith in our Lord must increase day by day and one way to achieve this is by praying to increase trust in God, always placing him as a supreme and sovereign being, capable of making things that seem impossible become possible.

If we seek the Lord through prayer, if we keep a daily devotional with his word, we will be able to increase our faith and we will always live a full life, founded on the eternal rock that is Christ Jesus.

How to make prayers to increase trust in God?

Sometimes we may have doubts about how to approach God, or how we can have full communion with him, but before all this, we must be people of prayer so that our faith grows and always increases.

Here I show you powerful prayers to increase trust in God.

Prayer to increase my faith in God

My beloved Lord my God, you are my alpha and omega beginning and end. I stand before you, recognizing you as an omnipotent, strong and majestic God. Today I place my life on you, my plans and my thoughts will be affirmed in you.

There will be nothing that can separate me from your presence, nor from your love.

Help me to always walk safely, may your light shine supernaturally in my life.

Lord strengthen my life, I want to walk according to your word. I want to live a full life, full of faith and communion.

My beloved God, today I recognize that you reign with power. That the act that your beloved son did on the cross was an act of power and love; therefore, I build my faith in you, because you are a sovereign God, invincible, deserving of all glory, honor and honor.

Prayer to overcome disbelief

My beloved Lord, you know all my weaknesses.

You know my heart and I can’t fool you.

You know what I live, what I am and there is nothing I can hide from you.

On many occasions the lack of faith takes over my life.

I let myself be dominated by the circumstantial and lose focus on your word.

That’s why today I come to you, to be your wonderful presence removing all disbelief from my life.

Today I treasure your word and I can live confidently in the promises you have brought to my life.

In the mighty name of Jesus, I declare that all disbelief gets out of my life, that every wrong thought that traps me, gets out of my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

I declare that I am a child of God and that my trust is placed in him, that nothing will separate me from his love, because he is eternal and infinite.

Lord, cover my thoughts, my emotions, my walk, so that day after day I can meditate on your word and can always walk in the eternal faith that only comes from you.

So I declare, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer to increase my faith in God in difficult times

Lord, I have lived a long time in anguish. I have despaired and my faith has failed due to the problems that overwhelm me.

I have lived in storms that seek to take over my soul, but I do not want to live like this, I do not want to be a prisoner of my emotions.

Today my prayer is to ask you to guide me, to keep my ways and help me to fully trust you.

Lord, protect my thoughts from negativity, disbelief and everything that makes me believe that you are not real.

Today I focus on your power, on recognizing you as the only God of humanity; the true king and lord of ours, who is capable of blessing our lives and delivering us from all evil.

Lord, increase my faith in difficult times, where uncertainty covers, fear traps and difficulty does not let me move forward.

Today more than ever I live what your word says in Isaiah 43 verse 2, that although it grows through the waters you will be with me and when I cross the rivers, their waters will not cover me, because you protect me. And though I walk through fire, the flames won’t burn me.

I fully trust you, because you are my keeper, my helper and my protector, you are my

Show me the path I should follow, lead me to the path of peace, help me find your true love and always make me a new person.

So I declare, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Why is it important to pray to increase trust in God?

Surely, more than once you have felt unprotected, helpless or alone. There are moments where our faith is fading and where circumstances make us lose focus on God.

It is there when we must understand what is necessary to cry out to the Lord, through prayers to increase trust in God.

The Bible itself commands us to trust fully in the Lord, no matter what the circumstance, is to place all our faith in our beloved and eternal father.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3: 5 – 6

Trusting God is recognizing him in all our ways, it is understanding that he has power and authority in our lives; stop thinking under our own logic and give space to the Lord, so that it is he acting in our lives.

Increasing faith in God, is to place all our plans in his hands, so that our life is rewarded and we can receive openness of what the Father has for us.

It is not enough to pray, you must also scrutinize his word, you must learn to look for him and treasure in your heart every promise that the Lord has given about your life; always covering your mind from the darts of the enemy that seek to steal our word of faith and make us faint in faith.

And when you pray, remember what the Bible says in James.

But ask with faith, not doubting anything; for the one who doubts is similar to the wave of the sea, which is dragged by the wind and thrown from one part to another.

James 1:6

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