3 Prayers For Mental Health

Praying for mental health will never hurt, especially in this time where we have been so affected by anxiety, depression, and anger, which often result in mental illness.

As Christians, many times we think that processes of depression, pain, anguish or despair are consequences of a sinful life and this is not the case, we must all go through a valley of darkness and death at some point, but understand that it is a passing process. .

Great men of faith lived their times of pain, anxiety, or a lot of stress; even so they did not hide it, but turned to God and cried out in time of affliction.

How to make a prayer for mental health?

Many situations in our lives can trigger stress cycles; panic attacks, paranoia, depressive cycles, or any other mental illness, which make us create physical and emotional tension, generating frustration, nerves, fury, or uncontrolled rage.

If you let yourself be dominated by them, you will live tied to despair and lack of control; to avoid it, the ideal would be to raise a prayer for mental health and ask the Lord to remove all stress from your life.

It is not good to hide what we feel, but we must recognize that we have been victims of these attacks and run to the only healer, to free our soul.

A prayer for mental health to relieve stress

My beloved God, you are my faithful refuge, the one who supports me, helps me and allows me to live safely.

I have sought your presence, because I cannot continue walking under my own will.

My longing is to dwell in your presence day after day and delight in you; but sometimes the stress of day to day takes over me and makes me live in torment.

I don’t want to live tied to this mental prison of stress, anguish and despair anymore, this irritates my soul, breaks my spirit and makes me lose faith.

Today I only wish with all my heart that your true love floods me, that your peace can control my soul, that my emotions are stable and that there is nothing to make me restless and lose my peace.

So I declare, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

A prayer for mental health to heal depression

My beloved God, it is a delight to be able to cling to your presence and always live close to goodness and love.

Lord, today I ask you in the midst of my pain and despair, to help me ease this process.

I have lived a long time tied to depression, this withering pain does not let me out of this jail.

Today I run before you because I know that you are the only one who can help me.

My beloved Lord, help me heal the depression that captivates my life.

My spirit has been very afflicted, I have felt very alone, crying has taken over my life.

I come to you because you are a safe haven, because you are my healer, my protector and my helper.

I only ask that your beautiful presence flood my life, that your peace can ease my pain, that your love can heal my wounds.

I know I won’t be able to alone, that’s why I stand before you, because you will help me heal all depression.

Take away from me all sadness, anxiety and discouragement, and bring upon me new hope, new goals and new dreams that allow me to live in joy.

Incline your ear towards me and fill me with power, build my life in your love and may your truth never depart from me.

A prayer for mental health to be free from anxiety

Lord, today I come to you with a very special request.

My strength has been buried in this terrible disease called anxiety.

There are days where I can’t control that feeling of agitation, fear and despair that disturbs me.

My soul is shaken, I think about the future and my heart fails, it is as if I had lost faith and hope in you, and I do not want to live like this.

Lord, today I just want to place my burdens on you, I cannot forget that you are with me and that only you can give me the strength to continue.

I give you my life and my heart and I just want your holy spirit to transform it and take me to the right place, to the place of your peace.

Why is it so important to pray for mental health?

We must all take care of our soul, which is undoubtedly the epicenter of our emotions. We must pray for mental health and fervently seek God through the word, in order to shield our minds.

Today it is very common to hear people say that they suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, which are born mainly in our spirit, in a heart that has not been well pruned, or that has been dominated by the prisons of emotions.

If we do not take care of our hearts, which is where all emotions are born, we can end up suffering anguish, affliction and we will always live with a saddened spirit.

Although it is true that there are moments or processes that are necessary, we cannot deny that above all we must seek God’s grace at all times, to cover us from all evil and not end up submerged in emotional cycles that can trigger very traumatic and negative experiences.

Pain has its time and its process, we must all experience it, but in the midst of any valley of shadow or death, we cannot forget the existence of God and his sovereignty.

If anxiety wants to disturb your life, remember what the Bible says in Matthew.

Therefore, do not worry about the {day of} tomorrow; because {day after} tomorrow he will take care of himself. Enough for each day its own problems.

Matthew 6:34

That nothing can separate you from what God has already determined for your life, however difficult it may be.

If you are constantly attacked by cycles of panic and fear has taken over you, you must declare with faith the promise that God has given you, in Isaiah.

Do not fear, because I am with you; do not be discouraged, because I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will certainly help you, yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.

Isaiah 41:10

Always declare the peace of God in your life and deposit all anxiety in the Lord, you will see how you can be freed from all mental affliction.

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