3 Amazing Prayers For Patience

Patience is one of the gifts that every person must develop, that is why if it has been difficult for you to develop it, you can say one of these prayers to ask God for patience, to help you find that calm that you need.

At some point in our lives, we must learn to stop being victims of emotions and start experiencing the peace that only God can give us.

The best prayers to ask God for patience

If we lack something in our day to day it is patience, unfortunately not all of us manage to develop this virtue, and when we lack it, we then live bitter, restless, or desperate in the face of any situation.

However, in your devotional with God you can do some of these prayers to ask God for patience, and thus achieve the supreme peace you need.

Prayer for patience to learn to wait on God

Many times there are situations that come into our lives to wear us down; and it is there that we must learn to wait on God. They are those turbulent moments, which leave us without strength and where we must use patience, faithfully believing that God will not delay his promise.

My beloved Lord, today I cry out to you in the midst of my anguish, in the midst of this despair that consumes my bones.

At times I have wanted to give up, I have wanted to give up, but I know that you have not called me to give up, you have called me to overcome and achieve the blessings that you have prepared for me.

I wait patiently on you, just as your word says in Psalm 40 verse 1, “I waited patiently for the Lord and he leaned down to me and heard my cry.”

I know that you hear my prayer, that’s why I come to you, because I want you to develop in me the virtue of patience. I don’t want to get irritated, I don’t want emotions to control me, I want to live confident that you will make and answer my cry.

Lord, I ask you to help me find tranquility and peace, give me the necessary understanding to know that you are working in the midst of this circumstance, because I know that you work.

I only ask you to do your will and allow me to always be in complete peace, in the face of any situation that I suffer.

Prayer to God to ask for patience in raising your children

In the midst of raising our children, there are many doubts that come to our minds, especially in the teenage years. But before you act on your emotions, ask God to be the one to restore your heart and fill you with patience. Here is a prayer that will help you.

My beloved God, today I come to you as my guide, my protector and my helper. First, I thank you for the children you have given me, for the home and family you have given me.

I ask you to fill me with calm, with peace so that I can always lead them on the right path.

Sometimes I act without thinking, I get irritated and filled with anger, but I know that this does not come from you, because you are a God of love, a Father God.

Sometimes I don’t know what to do, that’s why it is my prayer today, so that it is your holy spirit guiding me at every moment. May your beautiful presence never depart from my life, may it be your light illuminating every step and action I must take.

I ask you to be your peace that surpasses all understanding, helping me in my day to day. Many times tasks, responsibilities and occupations leave me in a state of eagerness, but I know that by sticking to you I will be able to have the peace I need.

Prayer to ask God for patience in the marriage relationship

Marriage is a principle granted by God, but we cannot think that with our strength we are going to raise a healthy marriage, everything will depend on how we involve God in our relationship.

This is one of the prayers to ask God for patience, which will guide you in your marriage.

My beloved God, today I run before you to ask you in a special way for my marriage.

We have walked a very long journey, but many times I feel that patience is running out, that there is no peace in the middle of the relationship and that conflicts and needs do not overwhelm.

My beloved Lord, I want to rest in you, because I know that in the midst of any circumstance you are present; but I also ask you to fill my mouth with kind words and my heart with calm.

At times, rage and anger seek to take over me, but I know that this does not come from you, so with all my being I ask you to allow me to develop patience in my life.

Allow me to see my spouse, with the pure love that I felt the first time; I don’t want to lose my marriage because of nonsense; I want to always live walking under your wisdom and under your understanding.

Today I remember your word in the book of Corinthians, chapter 13, which says that love is patient and helpful; and so I want to develop love in my home.

An integral love, that is capable of forgiving, loving, without judging or hurting.

Fill me with tranquility my God, because many times the little things already try to destabilize me.

Today I declare with full confidence and faith that everything that seeks to hinder my relationship, my life and my communion with you will not prosper. Darkness has no power, because we are your children and we will see your glory shine in my house.

In the mighty name of your son Jesus, Amen!

How to make prayers to ask God for patience?

Before doing one of these, or any other prayer to get closer to God, I will show you a key that is infallible when seeking his presence.

The Bible says:

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and closed the door, pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you in public.

Matthew 6:6

There is a way to please the heart of God, and it is through prayer of that there is no doubt. But in order to do so, you have to overcome distractions.

Therefore, if you are going to ask God for patience, try to do it from a room where you feel calm.

Do it at that time of day where you hear less noise and avoid all kinds of distractions; turn off your mobile, close the door and have your fellowship with God.

With all this, the prayers to ask God for patience can help you as a guide in any circumstance.

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