15 Prayers for Happiness

Happiness is something that we all strive for, but it can often feel out of reach. One way to invite more happiness into our lives is through prayer. 

Seeking the happiness that comes from the world is temporary, but praying for the happiness that comes from God will help us to always live in the joy of his salvation, in any circumstance.

Happiness is not only associated with the person who is next to you, nor the money you may have, true happiness has to do with the peace that is in your heart and how calm your soul is.

That is why I show you simple and powerful prayers that you can do for happiness, and find the true path in Jesus Christ.

With this guide to prayers for happiness, you will be able to experience a new and different relationship with the Lord, so that he may be the one bringing refreshment and joy to your life.

Here are 15 prayers for happiness that can help you connect with a higher power and find joy in your life.

Prayer to find happiness

My beloved God, you do not forget or put aside the cry that I make for you. You help me to be happy, you guide me on your right path and you always take me to the path of your light.

Eliminate from my life everything that prevents me from seeking you, which keeps me from your love, which does not allow me to experience the joy of my salvation.

I do not want to live in bitterness anymore, my prayer today is to know your power and your love, and put aside hatred and all feelings that destroy me and make me live tied up.

Lord, today I place my happiness in you, so that problems and circumstances do not steal my faith.

Help me find true happiness and may your true love never leave my life.

Prayer to achieve a joyful spirit

Most high and powerful Lord, today I come before your presence, recognizing you as the only and true God.

In the face of any circumstance, problem or discouragement that comes into my life, today I can only recognize your goodness, your power and your dominance over me.

Lord, may your peace always remain in my heart, so that nothing can steal the joy of having met you.

Today I ask you in a special way to always help me to walk in your joy, in your joy, in the hope that you have placed on my life.

May he never lose the joy that comes from you, but may he always live happily in any circumstance.

So I declare, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer to find happiness at home

My beloved God, thank you for the day that you have given me and for the wonders that you have brought to my life.

You are the almighty God, creator of the universe, the alpha and omega, beginning and end; That’s why I come to you, because you are the only one capable of transforming my life and my home.

My cry to you today is for my house, for my family. I want my home to be an altar of worship towards you, my Lord, and that there be no room for confrontation and bitterness.

Give us the peace we need, so that love, kindness, joy and your eternal joy always reign.

Let all conflict, all fighting, all wrong thinking and any hint of bitterness, leave our home, in the mighty name of Jesus.

My life revolves around you my beloved Lord, that’s why I cry out and invoke you, so that your presence never leaves my home, and we can always live in faith and calm, knowing that you will reign in our lives.

Prayer to find happiness in my marriage

Lord, I know that my happiness comes from you and I cannot depend on what is around me.

But, you know that I am human and many times external things take over my emotions.

Today I come to intercede for my marriage, because I can see that there are moments where bitterness wants to take over our relationship and where conflicts are very constant, but none of that comes from you.

I ask you with all my heart that you bring true happiness to my marriage, the joy that comes from your eternal love.

Today I declare with full confidence and faith that your love, your goodness, your compassion and your mercy reign in my relationship; there is no evil that has power over our lives, because we have placed our marriage on the solid rock that is Christ Jesus.

So dear Lord, do not forsake us, do not let us live out of sight, we help to always live with a different spirit, delivered to you.

A powerful prayer of thanks to be happy

Blessed be our Lord, thank you for the life you have given me.

Today I recognize that your mercy, your grace and your goodness have reached me.

My life, sir, is founded on you, recognizing you as my only true savior.

I don’t want to keep walking if you’re not with me.

Today I come to make a prayer of thanks, because even without deserving it, you gave your life for me, and you made me a new creature.

You have never abandoned me, you have never abandoned me, you have always guided me and you have helped me at all times.

Thank you my Lord for the life you give me, for my home, for my family, for the full abundance that comes from you.

Thank you for saving me, for rescuing me, for giving me a new life and for freeing me from all those oppressions that wanted to defeat me; only you have set me free

Allow me to always live focused on you, so that the temporary things of this system do not make me live diverted from your purpose.

Help me reach each goal, each plan and each dream that I have proposed, because they are plans that come from you and it fills me with joy to fulfill them.

Lord, cover my emotions and don’t allow my feelings to be hindered by bitterness or by the vanities of day to day.

I declare that I am happy, that I have reached your love and that your grace does not depart from me, on any day of my life.

A prayer for inner peace and happiness:

Dear God,

I pray for inner peace and happiness. Help me to quiet my mind and trust in your plan for my life. I release any anxiety or worry and ask for your guidance and presence in my life.

A prayer for contentment and gratitude:

Dear God,

Thank you for the many blessings in my life. Help me to be content with what I have and to express gratitude for all that you have given me. I pray for a heart filled with joy and appreciation for the good things in my life.

A prayer for joy and laughter:

Dear God,

I pray for joy and laughter in my life. Help me to find humor in everyday situations and to not take myself too seriously. I ask for your guidance in bringing more joy and laughter into my life and the lives of those around me.

A prayer for strength and resilience:

Dear God,

I pray for strength and resilience in the face of challenges. Help me to persevere and to trust in your plan for me. I ask for your guidance in overcoming obstacles and for the strength to keep going even when things are tough.

A prayer for guidance and direction:

Dear God,

I pray for guidance and direction in my life. Help me to make decisions that align with your will for me. I ask for your wisdom and guidance in all areas of my life, and for the courage to follow your path for me.

A prayer for forgiveness and healing:

Dear God,

I pray for forgiveness and healing. Help me to let go of grudges and to forgive those who have hurt me. I ask for your healing touch in my heart and mind, and for the strength to move forward in a positive way.

A prayer for peace and calm:

Dear God,

I pray for peace and calm in my life. Help me to let go of stress and anxiety and to find tranquility in your presence. I ask for your guidance in creating a peaceful and calm environment for myself and those around me.

A prayer for patience and understanding:

Dear God,

I pray for patience and understanding in my relationships. Help me to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. I ask for your guidance in dealing with difficult situations and for the wisdom to respond with kindness and compassion.

A prayer for hope and optimism:

Dear God,

I pray for hope and optimism in my life. Help me to see the good in every situation and to trust in your plan for me. I ask for your guidance in maintaining a positive outlook, even when things are tough.

A prayer for love and connection:

Dear God,

I pray for love and connection in my life. Help me to open my heart and to connect with others in a meaningful way. I ask for your guidance in building strong and healthy relationships, and for the strength to love and be loved.

How to find happiness in God?

Happiness placed in a relationship, in the economy, or in fame, is momentary, but the happiness that comes from God lasts forever.

Many psalms recount true happiness, and without a doubt it will always be rejoicing and rejoicing in God.

The bible says in psalm 9:

“For you I will rejoice, O most high God, and I will sing praises to your name.”

Psalms 9:2

Trusting in God, placing our faith in him, walking the paths of his love, is the only thing that will always allow us to be happy people, that even if circumstances come, nothing can steal our faith.

Prayer can be a powerful tool for inviting happiness into our lives. By connecting with a higher power and asking for guidance, we can find joy and fulfillment in our lives. These 10 prayers for happiness are just a starting point, that will help you start your own journey.

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