5 Prayers For Wisdom To Ask God For It

Crying out to God for wisdom is essential, it is the way to find understanding in each of the plans we make, in order to make decisions correctly and not stray from his plans; Here I show you 5 prayers to ask God for wisdom, which will serve as a guide.

The Lord is the owner of wisdom and asking God for it will make us live as sensible people and not foolish; acting with justice and equity in any circumstance.

That is why the Bible says in James 1: 5 And if any of you lacks wisdom, ask God, who gives to all abundantly and without reproach, and it will be given to him. That is, if we should make prayers to ask God for wisdom.

Pray one of these prayers to ask God for wisdom

Crying out to God for wisdom is fundamental in the life of every Christian, however, many times we don’t even know how to do it, therefore, here I want to give you some examples of prayers to ask God for wisdom that can serve as a guide to achieve it.

Prayer to ask God for wisdom and understanding

My beloved Lord, I come before you, for me it is a pleasure to be in the midst of your presence. It is wonderful to contemplate your love, your grace and your mercy that embraces us day after day.

I feel full and safe when I approach your presence, because I know that you guide my steps and lead me towards the path of truth.

Today I come to cry out to you for wisdom and understanding; because sometimes I sin acting under my own logic and not under your plans.

Lord, I know that wisdom descends from heaven, and you are the only one who can provide it, that’s why today I approach you.

I wish with all my heart that you can guide me, that you can give me the necessary understanding to walk according to your plans.

I don’t want to walk under my own emotions and beliefs, because these are often wrong, today I want to walk under your light, your guidance and your protection.

Prayer to God for discernment and wisdom

Lord my God, infinite thanks because you have given me everything, because you have blessed me day after day.

Thank you for giving me life, for forgiving me and for filling my days with your infinite mercy.

Day after day I can see the sample of your love in every step I take; when you protect me, guide me and fill me with your blessing.

I come before you to ask you for wisdom and discernment; There are situations that have been presented to me that I have not known how to act.

I do not want to act like a fool, or a fool, I want to be a person of the spirit who walks according to your will and your word; that’s why today I come before you.

My beloved Lord, activate discernment in my life, so that I can walk according to your spirit and recognize what comes and what does not come from you.

Lord, my longing is to be able to differentiate between good and bad, truth and lies, that’s why I ask you to activate the where of discernment about me, about my house and about mine.

I want to be guided by your holy spirit, by the power of your word, by your love. I want to be a firm person in my convictions, so I ask that your wisdom and discernment never depart from me.

So I declare, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer for wisdom so that God guides your steps

My loving Lord, I have many things to thank you for.

You have blessed me with a full life, full of your mercy and love.

Today I come before you for a very simple request, I want you to surround me with your wisdom and guide each of the steps I take.

Lord, I don’t want to be wrong, I don’t want to fail, I don’t want to end up in failure, that’s why I come before your presence.

My beloved God, remove indecision from me, fill my life with firm and consistent steps, fill me with your love and your goodness.

I entrust my life in your hands, that’s why I ask you to guide every step of my life with your light. May every decision you make be filled with your wisdom and love; I declare so in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer to God for wisdom to start the day

My beloved Lord, to start the day nothing like approaching your presence in prayer.

I enjoy praying before you, because I know that you listen to the requests of my heart and in due time, you will answer.

Thank you Lord, because your love covers us, restores us and blesses us in a super natural way.

Today I cry out to you, so that this day may be flooded by your wisdom; that I learn to act under the direction of your holy spirit and not under my own will.

On this day that I will face several important tasks, I want to walk being guided by you, that each answer that comes out of my mouth is impregnated by the power of your holy spirit.

I do not want to act like a fool, but my own life shines because of your true light.

May this day be protected by your presence.

Fill me God with your wisdom, your understanding and your discernment on this day, to carry out the entrusted tasks.

So I declare, In the name of Jesus, amen!

Prayer to God for the wisdom of our words

My beloved God, most high and supreme savior, it is a joy to delight myself in your presence.

I come before you to ask you for wisdom and understanding about my life and about my words.

Lord, I don’t want to be a foolish person who misuses his words.

I want wise words to come out of my mouth, to restore, to liberate, to encourage and revive.

Lord, as difficult as the moment may be, do not allow hurtful and cursing words to come out of my mouth.

Today I declare that I walk under a language of faith, under your direction and under your guidance, understanding that every word that comes out of my mouth will be a source of blessing and not a curse.

Give me the wisdom to speak and say the right thing at all times.

With these prayers to ask God for wisdom, you will have a guide to connect with the father and make your request in a genuine way, crying out for the creator’s anointing on your life.

Is it enough just to pray to ask God for wisdom?

Praying to God for wisdom is not enough; you must at all times and at all times meditate on his word.

The only way to get out of foolishness and stop thinking about our own opinion is to be people guided by their word.

In the Bible you will find the firmest principles of God on how to act under any circumstance, just as the book of Hebrews says:

Indeed, the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.

It penetrates to the depths of the soul and spirit, to the marrow of the bones, and judges the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

Just meditating on his word and having full communion with God will make us walk as wise people and full of his love and goodness.

But whenever you can, say one of these prayers to ask God for wisdom.

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