3 Mighty Prayers For Good Health

Enjoying good health can be considered as an element of living fully; however, many times the disease seeks to touch our lives, for this we must raise prayers to have good health.

In this case, I want to teach you how in communion with God you can approach his presence, crying out for the general well-being of your body and applying the blood of Christ on your whole being.

Prayers for good health that you can do from home

Prayer to God to ask for our physical health is an act of faith, as well as other things that we implore to the Father. Whether you are sick or not, it is to trust and have the security that you cry out to a God who heals, and who will be able to restore your physical body, just as he restores your soul.

These prayers for good health, which you will see below, will guide you to ask God for physical health and confidently wait for the Lord to answer your cry.

Prayer for good health after a medical diagnosis

Although the advancement of science is essential for our days, we cannot stop believing in a God of miracles. That is why in any circumstance, I ask you to keep the faith and not allow unbelief to take over your life, the Lord will make his promise in you.

This prayer for good health will help you in the middle of the process.

My beloved God, I thank you because your infinite mercy and love still keeps me standing. I have searched for you day and night, because I know that you are a faithful, miraculous and pactful God.

You are the one who guides me, lifts me up and restores me. You fill my life with your blessing, your power and your love.

I come before your presence to ask you to be you providing me with good health. Although the medical diagnosis is not the most favourable, I know that you have the last word, that’s why I take refuge in you.

Father, I believe in your word in the book of Isaiah 53, when he says that you carried our diseases and pains.

I cling to that word today, even though disbelief wants to take over my mind, today I walk by faith, believing with full security that you will respond and you would satisfy my life with good health.

My beloved Lord, today I declare that the blood of Christ sprays my entire body, I declare that by his wounds we are healthy and I learn to live in the expectation of faith, knowing that you are going to do your work in me.

Prayer for good health today

You do not have to go through a physical complication to ask the Lord for healing, just add this prayer for good health to your daily devotional, so that it may be the Lord protecting your life and your body.

My dear God, I thank you for this beautiful day that you have given me and for the blessings that you have brought to my life.

I approach your presence, recognizing you as the only God, as my true Savior.

I know that we can do nothing if we do not cling to your presence, because it is your presence that heals, that liberates, that transforms, and that guides.

Today I declare with full confidence and faith that my body is protected by the blood of Christ.

I am free from all evil that wants to touch my home, from all disease that darkness wants to send into my life. I declare that my body is in good health, and that no virus has power over me.

Dear Lord, cover me with your protective hand, let it be your mantle healing my whole body so that no disease touches my life.

Prayer to ask for good health for a loved one

Interceding for a friend, or a loved one who may be going through a physical need is vital, so you can help yourself with this guide and ask God for a friend who is sick.

My beloved Lord, today I come before you to present my cry and my plea for healing.

I only ask that you help my friend to get up from this disease; I know that only you have the power to achieve it.

I know that you are a God of miracles and by your yagas we have all been healed, so I run to you, remembering that word that you have given us.

I bow to you, recognizing that you are the only one capable of transforming the life of my loved one and getting him out of this disease that overwhelms him so much.

Today I declare that the blood of Christ sprinkles his body, his life, his heart, his bones, his breath. Let the warm blood of the lamb be emptied throughout his body to bring healing and restoration.

Fill his heart with peace, as this condition often irritates him.

We renounce all illness, all pain and all bitterness that this situation has caused us.

We recognize you as the only supreme God, that is why we confidently hope in you, so that it is you doing the miracle in his life and bringing restoration in his heart.

Lord, his body and his entire life was designed by you, so there is nothing that can make him perish.

I declare that you glorify yourself through illness and that everything that does not come from you is thrown into the abyss today, in the mighty name of Jesus.

With these prayers for good health, you can get closer to God with a guide to achieve the full healing that you are waiting for, both in your physical body and in your mind.

Why should we pray for good health?

There is a biblical verse that we must always remember that says that:

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10: 10

When the Lord comes into our lives it is to grant us life in abundance, so we must always pray so that sickness and need do not take over our lives.

On many occasions, we get used to living in medical conditions, under diagnoses, but we forget that we have a God of miracles who can reverse any bad news in our lives.

Our life belongs to God and our body is a temple of the holy spirit, that is why we must learn to take care of it, and always ask God through these prayers to have good health, that allows us to always live fully.

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