4 Prayers To God For Help

Every day we must raise prayers to ask God for help, there we will be recognizing his power and his dominance in this universe.

When we completely depend on God, we will live free from the anxieties that disturb this system, since we have entrusted our lives and our being to Almighty God, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

For this reason, no matter how difficult a situation may be, you can never stop praying to ask God for help; The Bible says in Psalm 50.

And call on me on the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.

Psalm 50:15

At all times, raising a prayer to God to cry out for help is not too much, so do not forget to be a person of communion with the father and advance in faith. Here I can give you some guides on how to pray for help from the Lord.

Prayer to ask God for help in difficult times

My beloved Lord, thank you for this day and for the wonders that you have given me. Today is a good day to adore you, exalt you and thank you for everything you have given me.

My cry to you is to ask for your help in this difficult situation, where pain and inconstancy have wanted to hurt me.

These have been difficult times Lord, where my faith has been disturbed, where my strength has gone.

That’s why I run to your presence, that’s why I take refuge in your love, because I know that you will answer me and alleviate all my fears.

You are a powerful God, a merciful God, you are a God who helps me and protects me at all times. Don’t let me go, don’t leave me alone, don’t allow me to live in anxiety.

Help me get out of this mental jail that often disturbs me and help me live in freedom. My Lord, without you I cannot live, without you I cannot continue.

Allow me to always live close to your presence, to receive comfort, peace and blessing to my life.

Help me to live in a full way and that these difficult processes are part of my training and do not manage to collapse.

Prayer to ask God for help for my marriage

My beloved Lord, today I invoke and cry out for your help. You are a God of mercy, goodness and love.

You are a strong God, protector and helper, that’s why I call out to you in a different way, understanding that wonderful times will come.

Now my prayer is to ask you for help, to intercede for my marriage, for my home, because only you can bring freedom and restoration to my life.

There are moments where my strength fails me and where I feel that love is running out, that’s why I come to you, because I know that the love that comes from you does not fail, it does not end.

I ask you to be guiding me, to lead me to the right path, to make your true love blossom in me.

Lord, I ask that it be you guiding and helping my marriage. Give us, Lord, the strength to move forward, to continue and to conquer the purpose that you have left us.

When our strength fails, when the mood runs out, I ask that it be you blessing and bringing strength to my life.

My marriage Lord belongs to you, our lives belong to you, so I declare that you care and you protect each of our steps.

Keep your grace over our lives and may your infinite favor never leave my marriage apart. So I declare, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer to ask God for help with the economy

Most High Lord, sovereign, powerful and sublime. You are the creator of the universe, the alpha and omega, beginning and end. I stand before you, I fully trust your power, your love and your goodness.

Today I come to intercede, to ask for help for my economy; you are the only one who can bring financial stability over my life.

I have seen how the enemy seeks to devour my finances, how misery, scarcity and poverty have wanted to knock on my door, but I know that this does not come from you, that is why today I come to you.

You are the God of my provision, the God who can do everything.

You can help me to have divine connections, a new job, a new job, that from this time on, the blessings of heaven fall on my life.

Help me to always live within the expectation of faith, do not allow my heart to be troubled by need.

Help me find a creative idea that allows me to multiply finances, that many economic entries come to be able to achieve the challenges that you have placed in my heart.

You my lord, you are the one who has the power to make me reap what I have sown, so I ask you that the anointing of healthy administration fall on me, so that everything I do is blessed and prosperous.

So I declare, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer to ask for help for my children

My beloved Lord, today I cry out to you for help, because you know that I can’t alone and I always need your guidance.

Today is a beautiful day that you give us, and your grace manifests itself in a supernatural way over our lives.

I stand before you to ask you for help with my children; I want you to guide me on this path of educating them, of leading them on the path of goodness and of bringing them closer to your presence.

I don’t want to err and do things wrong, I don’t want to repeat generational patterns, I want to guide them in a different way, but that they can be based on the faith placed in you.

My beloved Lord, help me so that my children do not stray, nor go the wrong way, do not exalt themselves and do not lose faith.

Only you can guide me through wisdom, faith and your word, to what is the most correct way to educate my children and raise them effectively.

May your love, your mercy and your protection never depart from them, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

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