3 Beautiful Prayers For A Broken Heart to Heal

Healing a wounded heart can be a difficult task, especially if we try with our own strength. But if you make powerful prayers to heal a broken heart, you will be able to see how God will manifest himself in your life and bring comfort to your wounded soul.

Today emotional healing is essential; It is difficult to live with wounds in the soul due to things that hurt from relationships, or situations that caused us great pain.

Sometimes we seek to heal on our own, but we will not always see the results we hope for; that is why it is important to seek God and ask the Lord that he be the healer of our lives. So you don’t get impatient, he left you some prayers to heal a broken heart.

3 Powerful Prayers to Heal a Broken Heart

Today I want to show you three powerful prayers to heal a broken heart, which can be your guide to get closer to God and cry out for the restoration of your soul.

Prayer to God to heal a heart broken by a separation

My beloved Lord, I come before your presence with a broken heart. My life is in pieces, I don’t know how I got to this despair and pain.

I wanted to be strong, I wanted to believe that everything was fine, I wanted to think that I was going to achieve peace, but I couldn’t.

I feel sunk in a void called depression; anguish and bitterness have taken over my life.

This separation has caused me a lot of pain, I have believed that I cannot get up. Therefore, I run to you, because you are a healing God, you are the one who can ease the afflictions of my heart.

My heart is grieved, but I turn to your holy name; because I know that on the cross of Calvary you carried all our ailments and our wounds.

I come to you as a healing God, a God who sustains me, restores me, enlivens me, and shows me the way to go.

I have full security and faith that you will lift me up, you will make me walk again by your presence and you will allow me to see your purpose in me. Pain, anguish and despair comes out of my heart.

I declare it so, Amen!

Prayer to God to heal a heart broken by betrayal

Sometimes betrayal in our lives causes great pain in our hearts and the wounds to be restored are very hard. But for God there is nothing impossible, one of the ways where you can experience total healing is through prayer.

This prayer guide can help you through the process.

Beloved Jesus, I feel very alone, abandoned, hurt. Maybe I think I didn’t deserve this, but I accept that it is part of a process where I cling more to you and your presence.

It has not been easy to walk with this pain in my heart, it is not easy to believe that it will happen when the wound has been wide open.

I have used wrong words in this process, so I ask you to forgive me, to cleanse my heart and my lips.

Dear Lord, today I come to pray to you from brokenness, I don’t want to walk from bitterness and resentment anymore, these feelings do not come from you.

I ask that you heal my heart, that you restore my soul, I ask that you transform everything I feel, that you erase from me all that pain that has stagnated me so much.

Heal my heart, so that in due time I can forgive. I do not want to live tied to resentment, I do not want to be a victim of depression, I long to live freedom, I long to know you fully, because you are the God of heaven, you are the healer.

Prayer to God to heal a heart broken by a family rejection

Bad upbringing, generational customs outside of God’s principles, mistreatment and threats also cause wounds in our hearts, so it is always good to ask God to restore us and heal our hearts from all resentment we may have. with a family member who has wronged us.

My beloved God, I stand before you because you are the only Lord. Only your presence helps me to live in freedom.

Today I come to you, recognizing you as the only God, because there is nothing and no one that compares to you.

You are my helper, my liberator and my healer, that is why today I stand before you, so that it may be you helping to heal my heart from the pain that the rejection of the beings I love the most has caused me.

With all my soul I approach you my Lord, so that you cleanse my heart, take away all this resentment, bitterness and rancor that takes over my life.

I want to be free from all stormy memories of the past, so that it is you cleaning and healing my heart.

Help me live new times, clinging to you, so that the pain of a broken heart caused by rejection no longer disturbs my life.

So I declare, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

These powerful prayers to heal a broken heart will help ease the pain and allow Jesus to heal you.

Why should we pray to heal a broken heart?

When we have been the victim of betrayal, a separation, or a family problem, which has generated a wound and our hearts, we must not let the pain grow; because if we do so, we will only be feeding an afflicted, depressed soul, in anguish, anger and despair.

A heart sick with rancor, hatred, anger and bitterness will always be far from God, and will live clinging to affliction.

Now, if we give our hearts to the Lord and in prayer we ask him to restore our lives, then we can experience a peace, a healing that can overcome any human logic.

It is the way in which you later relate to those who have hurt you, as if you have forgotten what happened, because now the Lord is in you, and he becomes the anchor of your heart.

The Bible says in Proverbs:

A cheerful heart is a good remedy; But a broken spirit dries the bones.

Proverbs 17: 22

A happy heart will always be a good remedy, so try to seek God in prayer to heal your life of all pain and allow you to have a new heart full of love, kindness and compassion.

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