4 Bible Ways God Cares for us daily

God cares about you is one of the things that one can  have the hardest time understanding in walking with God on wheher the care is in a particular, special, and specific way.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the idea that a supreme, all-powerful God wants to work on my behalf for specific reasons, me being so small, is hard for me to comprehend.

However, unwitting skepticism is often contrasted by reality of whether  God cares about you.

Some important things we learn from Scripture that show us how God demonstrates His care for us today

#1. God provides us with His constant love and care

As I studied the Bible today, I remembered that powerful idea as I read the text I share with you below:

“For {Epaphroditus} was indeed sick, about to die; but God had mercy on him, and not only on him, but also on

me, that I would not have sadness upon sadness.”

Philippians 2:27

Something that I found interesting about this passage is the apostle Paul’s conviction that God had healed his friend Epaphroditus’ illness so as not to overwhelm his heart with the sadness of his friend’s death.

This was a true indication that God cares about you

How convinced of God’s love, and of his special care, it takes to be to consider God doing something like this for you.

One might think that God would have had mercy on Epaphroditus, for the sake of Epaphroditus, but to think that He did so also for the sake of me, is something that requires a faith that goes beyond appearances.

#2. God cares how we feel

This reminds me of an incident that happened a few years ago while visiting my family in my hometown.

My aunt, who was visiting my mom in those days, was sweeping the front of one of the family properties.

It was a pretty sunny morning.

Suddenly, a cloud landed for a moment over the area.

She thanked God by arguing that God had put that cloud there for her because she had asked for shelter from the sun.

The very idea was absurd to me at the time.

That is, two seemingly disjointed facts converge on me because God loves me.

It seems to be more of a logical fallacy than anything else, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

In fact, by understanding God’s love and power, as revealed in the Bible, we can see that this is not at all far-fetched or impossible.

#3. God cares for things He knows we need

God cares about you and me that He was willing to come one day to this little planet to suffer the consequence of our sins in our place.

How much more God would not be willing to do for us, even in the smallest things, if He has already done something so spectacular.

That is a powerful and revolutionary idea that has the power to change our lives.

Accepting this reality will cause us to live lives more intimately connected to God’s heart, lives filled with trust in God, lives filled with joy and satisfaction.

#4. God cares about all things

Many are times that you may wonder, does God care about you?

Today, I pray that this beautiful “God cares about you” idea can permeate your life and mine.

May by God’s help we accept, that even though we lack the faith to see it, God does indeed love us in that special and infinite way.

May we understand that God cares about you and me individually, by understanding that God cares about you will help create a personal relationship  with Him 

That He works on our behalf at all times.

Even in the smallest things.

Indeed, God considers every need and every circumstance of our life and what happens has to do with his love and mercy for me in a special way.

May we understand that we are special and unique to our father.

Understand that God cares about you.

I hope these words were a blessing to your life.

What do you think? Do you think God cares about you? Share in the comments.

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