Overcoming Obstacles With God: Biblical Ways Of Overcoming Challenges

Cómo vencer los obstáculos según la Biblia

We all often go through times in life when we are confronted with major obstacles and problems that intimidate or confuse us about the future and God’s will. Today I would like to present a fragment of the history that I am studying these days in the Bible for the edification of all of us. … Read more

Walking In Obedience To God: What It Really Means In Bible

ser obediente a Dios

Obedience to God is one of the most interesting, and sometimes controversial, topics that people study in the Bible. How should we be obedient to God? Can we relax our obedience? Does God expect us to obey Him in everything, all the time? Is obedience to God conditional on circumstances? Questions like this commonly haunting … Read more

What Is Spiritual Discouragement? – And How To Overcome It

Cómo salir del desánimo espiritual según la Biblia

We Christians often go through stages in our walk with God in which we feel discouraged. Whether things are not going well around us and God does not seem to help us, or whether in observing our spiritual life we only see weaknesses, flaws, and failures. These moments load us with tension, and we might … Read more

Laziness In The Bible: Is It A Sin? + How To Overcome It

¿Qué dice la biblia acerca de la pereza? ¿la pereza es pecado?

At different stages of life, depending on various factors, it is possible for people to go through periods when we lack the desire to be productive, and we come to consider ourselves or be considered lazy. Such factors are things like the type of education we have had, the condition of the families in which … Read more

How To Stay Focused On Jesus — The Example Of Christ

enfocarse en Dios como focar em Deus

Great personalities have crossed this planet, and we can draw important lessons from their lives. Let’s review an episode in Jesus’ life that allows us to take lessons about staying focused on life. Today’s story begins somewhere in the Samaria desert. A few days ago, we talked about the story of Jesus and the Samaritan … Read more