What does the Bible say about offering?

What does the Bible say about offering? Is one of the most searched religious questions.

Today, it has become common to observe how so-called religious leaders, taking advantage of people’s faith, collect money from offerings or tithes for their private use and enrichment.

Faced with these problems, many people are skeptical about offering or tithing.

This is perfectly understandable.

Still, it is important that we know what the Bible says about offering and what the biblical meaning and intent are.

To answer the question of what the Bible says about the offering?

I invite you to read the following text:

Tell the children of Israel to take an offering for me.

They will take it from everyone who willingly and wholeheartedly wants to give it.

Exodus 25:2

The idea of what the Bible says about offering is frequently expressed throughout the Bible.But many people do seem to grasp what the Bible says about offering .

On this occasion, God desires to dwell with the people of Israel in a temple or tabernacle and gives Moses instructions about its furniture and utensils.

In order to make all these artifacts, God tells Moses to collect an offering from the hands of the people.

I would like to focus on two central ideas in the passage below.

God wants to partner with you to carry out his plans

The first idea of what the Bible says about offering is that God, at that time, had a plan or project which was beneficial to the people of Israel.

God wanted to dwell in their midst.

To this end, God decides to give the people of Israel the opportunity to participate in that plan by making their contributions.

That idea is fundamental to understanding what the Bible says about offering. 

Thus, one of the elements that constitute the offering is the opportunity to participate through our contributions in a plan or project of God, which is ultimately for our benefit.

Today, God still has plans and projects that we can participate in.

God’s main project is that all people on the planet have access to the gospel.

God has determined that we will participate in this plan with our own contributions to execute it.

This is with our active participation in that work and with our contributions in resources to facilitate the progress of that work.

God wants only what comes from the heart

The second idea that is to be mentioned in this case is that God asked Moses to only take the offering from those who wanted to give it voluntarily and from the heart.

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

The project or plan, in that case, was for God to dwell in the midst of the people in a temple or tabernacle.

God wanted only those who longed for this plan to be carried out to participate.

The offering would only be accepted from those who wanted God to dwell in their midst and willingly wanted to contribute to facilitating this end.

What the bible says about offering is that offerings are also a voluntary thing that people can do from the heart by supporting the various ways in which God’s plans and projects are attempted to be executed on earth.

What do you think? What does the Bible say about offering? What is your experience? Share in the comments.

A hug, God bless you.

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