11 Characteristics Of God’s Love In the Bible

Characteristics of God's love

As Christians, we believe that God’s love is the foundation of our faith. It is through God’s love that we are saved and given the promise of eternal life. Love is a central concept in Christianity, and understanding the nature of God’s love is essential to the foundation of our faith. The Bible describes God … Read more

Overcoming Obstacles With God: Biblical Ways Of Overcoming Challenges

Cómo vencer los obstáculos según la Biblia

We all often go through times in life when we are confronted with major obstacles and problems that intimidate or confuse us about the future and God’s will. Today I would like to present a fragment of the history that I am studying these days in the Bible for the edification of all of us. … Read more

What does the Bible say about offering?

What does the Bible say about offering?

What does the Bible say about offering? Is one of the most searched religious questions. Today, it has become common to observe how so-called religious leaders, taking advantage of people’s faith, collect money from offerings or tithes for their private use and enrichment. Faced with these problems, many people are skeptical about offering or tithing. … Read more

Who Is God In The Bible? Why It Matters To Your Relationships

La Relación con Dios en la Biblia: [Estudio Bíblico con Todo]

A few days ago, I received a message on WhatsApp from one of the readers of this blog looking for help. In the middle of the conversation came the topic of, how our image of God affects our relationship with him. As I study the gospels, I think one of the most revolutionary themes that … Read more

I Feel Like God Is Done With Me: What To Do If You Feel This

Cómo saber si Dios esta conmigo según la Biblia

It is understandable that in our difficult moments of life we ask ourselves: Where is God? Is God with me? When we go through painful problems and situations, it is easy to think that the reason for this is that somehow God has abandoned us. This perception is commonly noticed in multiple bible characters as … Read more