11 Characteristics Of God’s Love In the Bible

Characteristics of God's love

As Christians, we believe that God’s love is the foundation of our faith. It is through God’s love that we are saved and given the promise of eternal life. Love is a central concept in Christianity, and understanding the nature of God’s love is essential to the foundation of our faith. The Bible describes God … Read more

How to overcome pride Biblically (+ Symptoms of pride)

How to overcome pride Biblically

The word of God deals a lot with issues of overcoming arrogance; in order to warn us about their terrible consequences for our lives and our relationship with God. Today, I would like to share with you a story that tells us about overcoming arrogance according to the Bible. From it, we will share important … Read more

True Religion In The Bible: What The True Religion Of God In The World Is

la verdadera religión según la biblia

In a world of many religions, and in which Christianity, is made up of many churches of different denominations. It is normal to ask what is the true religion? Does the Bible say anything about it? I’d like to address that question in this post. To be honest, many people have not yet understood, nor … Read more

Knowing God as a loving Father: ideas on God’s fatherly love

Paternidade de Deus La paternidad de Dios en la Biblia: Estudio Bíblico Profundo

The Bible presents God as a loving father from beginning to end. This image was accentuated by Jesus, who always referred to God as our father. Still, what does it mean that God is my father? There are many stories in the Bible with which we can answer this question. The most famous is the … Read more

Spiritual Arrogance: How to Stop Being Spiritually Arrogant

como llegar a ser como jesus

Sometimes it happens that some people reach the strange condition of believing themselves better, or feeling they are better than others because they are religious people. How can we put aside that ordeal? The experience of religious self-centeredness. I would like to share with you a fragment from the Bible from which we can draw … Read more