30 Verses About Salvation

verses about salvation

Salvation is the greatest gift that the Lord Jesus has given us, in the Bible there are many verses about salvation and how beautifully we can all enjoy it. Although the way in which we can obtain salvation in simple is true that a historical event had to happen and that marked the world, which … Read more

How To Get Closer To God Spiritually

Cómo tener a Dios en tu vida según la biblia

Having God in your life is achieving the fullness of your human experience. God created us to interact intimately with Him. Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to yearn, consent, or unconsciously, to have God in our lives. In this blog post, I set out to help you understand how to have God in … Read more

What A Person Must Do To Receive Eternal Life

como obtener la vida eterna

The question of how to have eternal life has been one that has preoccupied many people for many generations. Living eternally seems to be one of humanity’s oldest longings. One might therefore think that there is something about death that does not seem natural to us, that we would like to avoid. Sadly, despite this … Read more

How Does The Holy Spirit Transform Us? 3 Bible Ideas

Como conocer a Jesús en la Biblia

I once read a book called Knowing Jesus is Everything. By that time, my intimate understanding of God’s love had not developed, and I did not appreciate it as I could now. Today, I have discovered the wonder of knowing Jesus. That’s why I’d like to share with you five things that happen when we … Read more

Knowing God as a loving Father: ideas on God’s fatherly love

Paternidade de Deus La paternidad de Dios en la Biblia: Estudio Bíblico Profundo

The Bible presents God as a loving father from beginning to end. This image was accentuated by Jesus, who always referred to God as our father. Still, what does it mean that God is my father? There are many stories in the Bible with which we can answer this question. The most famous is the … Read more

God Forgives Murder? 2 Bible ideas about forgiving murderers

God Forgives Murder

Not few people wonder whether God Forgives Murder or not. The Bible contains numerous stories of forgiveness and redemption, today I would like to share one of them to illustrate the answer to this important question. Bible verse about whether God Forgives Murder For the past few weeks, I have been studying the life of … Read more