Who Is God In The Bible? Why It Matters To Your Relationships

La Relación con Dios en la Biblia: [Estudio Bíblico con Todo]

A few days ago, I received a message on WhatsApp from one of the readers of this blog looking for help. In the middle of the conversation came the topic of, how our image of God affects our relationship with him. As I study the gospels, I think one of the most revolutionary themes that … Read more

How To Overcome Division In The Church: 2 Bible ideas

Qué hacer con los que causan divisiones en la iglesia según la biblia

From time to time, in our Christian churches, people emerge whose influence creates divisions in them. Perhaps with noble intentions, though wrong, or perhaps with selfish intentions, they hurt the church. The Bible presents advice on how to deal with divisive people in the church. I’d like to share with you a short Bible reading … Read more

3 Bible Keys To Unity In The Church

Cómo mantener la unidad en la iglesia

The unity of the church has been one of the most recurring challenges since its beginnings. It is therefore not surprising that we still have challenges in this area. However, I believe it is possible to maintain unity in the church if we approach the issue in the right way. Moreover, I believe that God … Read more

Biblical Response To Disagreement: How To Handle It

Cómo Resolver Conflictos Entre Cristianos

Disagreements are a natural part of human relationships. They present us with opportunities to improve, grow, and consider new perspectives. However, when they are not processed properly, they can harm us or others. Learning to navigate them, and making the most of them, is a pretty important soft skill. On this occasion, I would like … Read more

Tolerance in the Bible: A Study on How to be more tolerant

Cómo ser más tolerante

In an increasingly polarized world, the word tolerance is becoming increasingly relevant. However, we watch with sadness as those who demand tolerance become intolerant of those who do not agree with them. And of those who tolerance is demanded from, we don’t see a better response. Today, I would like to share a number of … Read more