30 Bible Verses About God's Love for Us

God has undoubtedly always been in control of our lives, that is why within the Bible we can find machismos, verses of the Bible about God's love for us. Jesus to give his life for us showed us a sincere and lasting love, is that there are few people who for love would give their … Read more

21 Bible Verses on Pride

Pride can become one of the negative emotions that as human beings we can have, that is why when studying the Bible we can see different verses that remind us how bad pride can be. Today we want to share some Bible verses about pride, so that we remove from our hearts and our lives, … Read more

5 Most Effective Christian Courtdating Tips

Today we want to share some tips for successful Christian courtships, we want to share 5 tips that will help you improve your relationships. We continue to talk about these issues that help improve our relationship with God and with our partners. Before starting with the councils, I also want to answer the following question: … Read more

How to Wait for God's Time: 2 Biblical Tips

How many times have we not asked ourselves if what comes in our future is best for us, but how to wait for God's timing? How can we trust that everything will arrive at the right time? How can we leave everything in God's hands without having any worries? Those questions are what we want … Read more

Overcoming Obstacles With God: Biblical Ways Of Overcoming Challenges

Cómo vencer los obstáculos según la Biblia

We all often go through times in life when we are confronted with major obstacles and problems that intimidate or confuse us about the future and God’s will. Today I would like to present a fragment of the history that I am studying these days in the Bible for the edification of all of us. … Read more

Overcoming affliction: How to deal with affliction in the Bible

La Angustia en la Biblia: Significado y Consejos Bíblicos

Distress, worry or anxiety, are common experiences that people live during our lives. Today, I would like to present a biblical perspective on how to deal with distress. Maybe you’re going through a time when you feel distressed but want to be better and wonder what to do. Let me propose an alternative. To introduce … Read more

Why does God allow suffering: 3 Bible ideas

Por qué nos pasan cosas malas según la Biblia

One of the fairest questions we human beings can ask ourselves is: why do bad things happen to good people? We would certainly like to think that ‘bad’ things should only happen to ‘bad’ people. It also seems unfair that ‘bad’ things should happen to ‘good’ people. But what does the Bible say about this … Read more

I Feel Like God Is Done With Me: What To Do If You Feel This

Cómo saber si Dios esta conmigo según la Biblia

It is understandable that in our difficult moments of life we ask ourselves: Where is God? Is God with me? When we go through painful problems and situations, it is easy to think that the reason for this is that somehow God has abandoned us. This perception is commonly noticed in multiple bible characters as … Read more