God Forgives Murder? 2 Bible ideas about forgiving murderers

Not few people wonder whether God Forgives Murder or not.

The Bible contains numerous stories of forgiveness and redemption, today I would like to share one of them to illustrate the answer to this important question.

Bible verse about whether God Forgives Murder

For the past few weeks, I have been studying the life of King David.

I was reading about Absalom’s crime in murdering his brother Amnon out of revenge.

Amnon, who was the heir to the throne in Israel, had raped his own half-sister, Absalom’s sister.

Absalom, being the next in the line of heirs to the throne, filled with spite killed his brother and subsequently fled banished to the house of his grandfather the king of Geshur.

For years, King David would not allow Absalom to return because of his crime.

Because of his actions, Absalom was worthy of death, yet the people of Israel loved him and had considered his actions just.

Joab, one of King David’s trusted men, seeing that David missed his son, devised a plan so that Absalom could return home.

Using a hypothetical story, told by way of analogy and told by a woman, Joab tries to persuade King David that the right thing to do is to allow Absalom to return.

David eventually agrees, but what struck me about this story were a few lines expressed in that woman’s speech.

Read them with me.

But God does not just sweep life away; instead, he devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from him.

2 Samuel 14:14

Can god forgive murderers?

Returning to today’s topic, of whether God Forgives Murder.

These words shock me and answer that question.

Absalom, becoming a murderer, was worthy of death.

Yet God’s mercy was enough to forgive him.

Not only that, but it was enough for God Himself to devise and prepare the forms and means so that Absalom could return to live in harmony with His will.

The answer to today’s question is a resounding yes.

Why does God forgive murderers?

This beautiful Bible text not only speaks to those who have committed the sin of murder, but also speaks to all of us of God’s true character and good intentions to mankind.

It tells us that God is good, that God is loving, that God delights in redeeming and giving new opportunities to human beings.

It tells us about a Father God who loves and does not get tired of looking for us, waiting for us to return home.

A God who can condemn and punish us for our mistakes chooses to extend his grace and forgiveness to us so that we can return home again as children.

A God who wants to wash from our forehead the title of liars, thieves, murderers, adulterers, fornicates, promiscuous, proud, alcoholics, drug addicts, and any title that by our actions we have given ourselves.

A God who wants to change those titles to remind us of our true identity, the identity of a beloved son.


On this occasion, I would like to invite you that if you have turned away from God for any reason, you change the perspective of a God who rebukes and judges for the perspective of a God who loves.

That will give you the confidence to accept his call back home.

If you want to increase your comprehension of the topic of God’s forgiveness, have a look at the book: Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers by Dane C. Ortlund.

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I hope these words have been a blessing to your life.

What do you think? Do you think God Forgives Murder? What is your opinion or experience? Share it in the comments.

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