What is Spiritual Wealth in the Bible?

As Christians, one question that from time to time might be very useful to answer for ourselves is the question: what is spiritual wealth in the Bible?

Today, while meditating on the Bible, I came across a small sentence that quickly caught my attention.

As I read it, it made me wonder what God considers to be wealth?

Is it different from what we consider?

Bible study on spiritual wealth

I am going to share with you the fragment of the verse in which I stopped this morning for you to read with me.

I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich!

Revelation 2:9

What struck me about this verse was the contrast between the claim that God knows the poverty of this group of people, but at the same time tells them that they are rich.

That is, Jesus speaks to the church of Smyrna and tells them that he knows that they are financially poor.

That he knows their sufferings, needs, deprivations, and afflictions.

Yet, despite their earthly reality, to God they were rich.

They were rich because they had Jesus in their lives and had attained eternal life in Him.

It was a matter of time for them to wait patiently to finish their race on this life, to soon receive their reward.

It made me think about myself, about the stages I’ve gone through in my life and the ones I’m currently going through.

It reminded me of the importance of putting life’s priorities into perspective.

Learn to see them from God’s perspective.

In circumstances, our heart grieves over financial shortfalls that we may go through on this earth.

Even when we do not go through shortages, we can feel frustrated that we are not satisfied with our financial position.

Perhaps we will go through moments when we feel ourselves failing in our dreams, goals, longings, and projects.

We can clearly trust that God is interested in our earthly circumstances as the loving father that he is.

Jesus said, “I know your sufferings and your poverty.”

He is not indifferent to our needs because he himself suffered them firsthand.

Even so, it is necessary to learn to correctly analyze the meaning of our circumstances in perspective to eternity.

Spiritual Wealth in the Bible is to have eternal life in Christ.

The true success in life is to one day hear God’s voice of approval that says “come good faithful servant”.

Learn to live in the peace of God’s care and direction, uniting our dreams, longings, goals, projects, and efforts to God’s eternal plans for humanity.

All this and more, we find in Jesus.

If we properly recognize Him as the Lord in our lives, it will not be difficult to understand, accept, and enjoy these realities.

If you want to grow deeper in your understanding of the topic of spiritual wealth in the bible, I suggest that you read the book: Poverty, Riches and Wealth: Moving from a Life of Lack into True Kingdom Abundance by Jentezen Franklin.

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What do you think? Have you ever wondered what is Spiritual Wealth in the Bible? What is your experience? Share in the comments.

A hug, God bless you

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