What Is The True Meaning Of Faith?

Legalismo significado bíblico

Today, the mother of a dear friend died of cancer. Many people prayed for several weeks for her full healing. My friend requested it. God’s answer was no. There are various things that are said about faith in today’s Christian world. Some speak of things such as declaring, decreeing, or prophesying in faith what one … Read more

Who is God in your life? And What If You Are Wrong

La imagen de Dios

In recent months, I have had the opportunity to meet several Muslim people. One of the things that have been most interesting to me is how they consider themselves to be worshiping the same God as Christians and Jews. However, the conception of character, or the image they have of God, does not correspond to … Read more

Freedom In The Bible: What True Freedom Is In Christ

libertad según la biblia

The word freedom represents something that all of us long for, and that we appreciate infinitely. However, it is normal that during our lifetime, we acquire ideas about what freedom is. In my opinion, it is possible that those ideas possibly do not correspond to the best possible reality, and prevent us from enjoying real … Read more