How to Be a Christian Influencer – Step by Step

Cómo Ser un Influencer Cristiano [Paso a Paso] - How to Be a Christian Influencer [Step by Step]

With the growing popularity of social networks, we see how the influencer profession is growing more and more, to the point that we all probably know some famous Christian influencer. There are even those of us who want to become one. Social networks are very useful tools where we can express ourselves, make our perspectives … Read more

3 Ways Of Fulfilling God’s Purpose For Your Life

person wearing blue backpack while walking on narrow street- fulfilling God's purpose for your life  

Today, minutes before I started writing on fulfilling god’s purpose for your life, someone asked me, what is your life purpose? The question took me by surprise because I did not expect it, I tried to divert attention from the subject to take a few seconds to answer. After my pause, the only response my … Read more

How to feel God’s Presence according to the Bible

How to feel God's Presence - La Presencia De Dios En La Biblia

Life remain an unimaginable and invaluable privilege when we discover how to feel God’s presence. Having it allows us to remain in harmony with heaven and enjoy God’s direction in everything when we do. Today, I would like to share a short reflection on how to feel God’s presence in our lives. To do so, … Read more