How To Grow Spiritually In Christ In 3 Bible Steps

como crecer espiritualmente según la biblia

Many things are part of the process of growing spiritually. Theologians have called them spiritual disciplines, things like prayer, the study, and memorization of the Bible, fasting, spending time in solitude meditating, congregating, are certainly elements that promote spiritual growth. However, today I would like to emphasize what I consider to be the foundation of … Read more

7 Things That Keep Me From Holiness – From the Bible

Vivir una vida santa: 7 cosas a abandonar para lograrlo según la biblia

Living a holy life seems to be an impossible task, especially when defined by the standards that have historically been set. However, the Bible presents an idea of holiness that differs from these ideals. The idea of holiness in the Bible is not about living a monastic life, but about living covered under the righteousness … Read more

What Is Spiritual Discouragement? – And How To Overcome It

Cómo salir del desánimo espiritual según la Biblia

We Christians often go through stages in our walk with God in which we feel discouraged. Whether things are not going well around us and God does not seem to help us, or whether in observing our spiritual life we only see weaknesses, flaws, and failures. These moments load us with tension, and we might … Read more