30 Bible Scriptures on Hope

Bible Scriptures on Hope

How beautiful it is to live with a hope that our life will be much better, the Bible tells us about many promises that Jesus fulfills in our lives. But there are also some promises that God will fulfill for us when He comes back for us. Living by trusting in all those promises is … Read more

30 Salvation Scriptures

Salvation Scriptures

Salvation is the greatest gift that the Lord Jesus has given us, in the Bible there are many verses about salvation and how beautifully we can all enjoy it. Although the way in which we can obtain salvation in simple is true that a historical event had to happen and that marked the world, which … Read more

27 Psalms on Thanksgiving

Psalms on Thanksgiving

Gratitude is something we as human beings should always have, even though our heavenly Father gives us many blessings no matter what our actions are. As human beings, we should be thankful, to our families, friends, and ordinary people, but we should be more grateful to the provider of everything, to our Heavenly Father. These … Read more

20 Best Psalms For Healing

psalms for healing

The psalms are undoubtedly the verses that most help us to reflect, but also the ones that most fill us with hope in difficult times. The Bible gives us many psalms of healing that today we want to share so that your trust and your faith will be strengthened. So when we have health problems, … Read more

9 Prayers to Help You Prepare for Bible Study

man holding book in the ricefield

Reading the Bible is an important part of our spiritual lives, as it provides us with guidance, wisdom, and encouragement. But before we dive into the Word of God, it’s important to take a moment to pray and prepare ourselves to receive what it has to say. In this blog post, we’ll take a look … Read more

14 Best Bible Verses about Loving Yourself

Person Holding Book Page on White Table

As we navigate through life, it’s easy to neglect the significance of self-love. In a world that often prioritizes others before ourselves, the practice of self-care and self-love may be perceived as selfish or unnecessary. However, the Bible offers many verses that remind us of the importance of loving ourselves for our own well-being and … Read more

Is Kissing Before Marriage a Sin?

man and woman kissing

Kissing is a common and natural form of affection, but for some people, the idea of kissing before marriage raises questions about its moral standing. In this blog post, we will explore the various religious and cultural perspectives on kissing before marriage and ultimately answer the question: is kissing before marriage a sin? Broader perspective … Read more