3 Ways Of Fulfilling God’s Purpose For Your Life

person wearing blue backpack while walking on narrow street- fulfilling God's purpose for your life  

Today, minutes before I started writing on fulfilling god’s purpose for your life, someone asked me, what is your life purpose? The question took me by surprise because I did not expect it, I tried to divert attention from the subject to take a few seconds to answer. After my pause, the only response my … Read more

How to feel God’s Presence according to the Bible

How to feel God's Presence - Cómo tener la presencia de Dios según la biblia

Life remain an unimaginable and invaluable privilege when we discover how to feel God’s presence. Having it allows us to remain in harmony with heaven and enjoy God’s direction in everything when we do. Today, I would like to share a short reflection on how to feel God’s presence in our lives. To do so, … Read more

5 Bible Reason Why Your Emotions Matter to God

Dios y las emociones- Your emotions matter to God

Your emotions matter to God, as the vital medium of interaction. Emotions are a wonderful gift to every man created in God’s image. God has given us the beautiful gift of emotions to help us live our lives to the fullest. I would like us today to look at a biblical examples and state 5 … Read more

How to leave the past behind: 9 Bible Tips

leave behind the past

How to leave the past behind Have you ever wondered how to leave the past behind? That moment of your life that you say, how to get out of the hole in which I feel trapped? I have been there too. That is why I can tell you that it is possible to leave the … Read more

Flattery in the Bible: What Does The Bible Say About Flattery?

significado bíblico de adulación - significado biblico de labios lisonjeros - Flattery in the Bible: A [Full Study] of the Subject

While meditating on a well-known Bible story, I realized something I hadn’t noticed before regarding flattery in the Bible. In this popular story, which I will talk about later; you can notice from unscrupulous people a flattering attitude. With that attitude, they managed to manipulate someone important to get what they wanted from him. A … Read more