Spiritual Correction: What The Bible Says About Accepting Correction

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I am well aware of the uncomfortable feeling of someone approaching you, without you requesting it, and making a correction, a suggestion, or a criticism. Sometimes we can react or take it in ways that are not appropriate. For some of us, because of our personality, handling these circumstances can be naturally difficult. I want … Read more

How to Trust God’s Plan in 3 Biblical Steps

Trust God's Plan

A few days ago, I didn’t know how to Trust God’s Plan in the midst of uncertainties. As I watched my own faith falter in the face of the uncertainties of the future, I reflected on the reason for my ambivalence. How could I regain my weakened trust in God? How to trust God, and … Read more

What Is A Lukewarm Christian? And How To Stop Being One

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Not infrequently, several believers end up entering a state of spiritual lukewarmness after a while. The reasons why this happens are diverse, and we can discuss them in a future publication. In this one, we are interested in answering the question of how to overcome spiritual lukewarmness? For this, I want us to start from … Read more

Laziness In The Bible: Is It A Sin? + How To Overcome It

¿la pereza es pecado? ¿Qué dice la biblia acerca de la pereza?

At different stages of life, depending on various factors, it is possible for people to go through periods when we lack the desire to be productive, and we come to consider ourselves or be considered lazy. Such factors are things like the type of education we have had, the condition of the families in which … Read more

How Not to Doubt God: 2 Key Bible Principles

How not to doubt God

Today’s subject is about How not to doubt God, and it is quite personal to me because it is something that I myself often deal with. In those moments when life presents us with situations of uncertainty, our weak faith does not expect the best from God, but is prone to fear or anxiety. In … Read more